Sacred Heart Accompaniment Programme of Education (SHAPE)     

The SHAPE is a holistic mentoring plan for the undergraduate students in Sacred Heart College. The Salesian System of Education has a unique way of mentoring, which is by accompanying the young by Salesians and teachers.
Faculty members play a crucial role in the success of students and at every stage of the student life. As followers of Don Bosco, the staff accompany the students by being present among them. The mentors direct their thoughts, words and deeds towards the positive development and reduce their attention towards the negative perspectives of life. Every mentor tries to lead the mentees to become good citizens of the Nation.
The SHAPE is not meant to create a kind of dependency of mentee on the mentor but it forms the faculty members to become experts in helping the young people to take responsibility for their own development in the following dimensions of growth: Physical, Intellectual, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Skill development.
While styles of advising and mentoring vary across the disciplines, the fundamentals apply throughout graduate education. The following guidelines will be of help to the faculty members who seek to improve their effectiveness as mentors. We hope it is useful to those who assume the role of mentor and for those who have enjoyed success but are looking to become more skillful with a wider range of students.
The Mentoring System
Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship based on encouragement, constructive comments, openness, mutual trust, respect, and a willingness to learn and share. It exists between a more experienced person and a less experienced person.
Mentoring has come to be used for a variety of relationships. Some of its synonyms include role model, coach, guide, sponsor, friend, and adviser.
The person offering the mentoring is usually referred to as a mentor, while the recipient or partner may be identified as a mentee. The mentor is both a friend and a role model who supports and encourages a young person in his/her academic and personal growth. The mentor is also a guide who helps a young person make the difficult change from school to higher education. This time of transition is especially important, for it is a time when young people are making decisions about how much — or how little—they can expect to achieve.
The SHAPE is designed for a staff member to accompany a group of about 15 students (5 from each year) to take responsibility for their own growth. The respective staff will help the allotted students for three years in their journey of shaping themselves. It is not a substitute for the counseling programme.
The Rector/Secretary will be overall in charge of SHAPE and the Heads of the Departments will coordinate the programme for the department. Every first year UG student will have to choose a set of programmes or activities to develop himself/herself on the following six specified dimensions of growth: Physical, Intellectual, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Skill development. They can make use of the opportunities available in the campus and anywhere else.
The mentor, one who accompanies the students, will have to follow up the progress made by the student by frequent meetings. The mentors will be empowered to handle and solve the day today issues of their students. The college will facilitate with suitable motivation and climate for this purpose. Every month an hour will be set apart exclusively for SHAPE programme.
Roles of Mentors
The person who accompanies the students is a model, a motivator and a counsellor to the student. He helps the students to make their choices and accompany them to achieve their goals in life and academics. His responsibilities include:

Benefits to the Student: