Seeding Hope Counselling Centre     

As the students of Sacred Heart College are from the rural areas, the need for counselling is quite high. The students who get in the college are mostly first generation learners; also most of them are of low socio economic profile, below poverty lines. They may have unhealthy parenting styles, alcoholic or abusive parents, disturbed study environment, dysfunctional family setup. Coming from such a background, a student will be in need for guidance in emotional, mental and psychological areas for which the counselling services are beneficial. Students those who face age related issues, family issues, peer group issues will find it difficult to concentrate in academics; such students with the guidance of counsellor will be able to cope better in academics and personal life.
The advancement of technology has started to creep in rural areas too, where the students tend to lose their concentration and deviate from the academics because of the usage of cell phones, internet etc. Social media is literally influencing and deviating the students from the right track to which counselling acts as an aid by empowering the student with the ability to think rationally and clearly, have appropriate behaviour and deal with their emotions in a healthy way. A student`s success lies in the health status of his/her emotional, psychological, mental well-being, which is taken care through the process of counselling. Hence the need for counselling became a crucial part in Sacred Heart College.
Objectives of the Practice: