National Seminar on Parapsychology - Report     

The PG Department of Counselling Psychology, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur conducted National Seminar on Parapsychology on 10th and 11th of September 2018. Rev.Fr.Wilson OFM, Cap was the resource person of this seminar. He is a professional counsellor graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada and at present he is the director of Anugrah Institute of Counselling, Dinigul. There were 204 participants mainly; students, Professors and counsellors from 13 Educational Institutions have participated in this seminar.

Parapsychology is an emerging trend in the field of Psychology which investigates paranormal or ‘Psychic’ phenomena. It is the latest popular study of looking evidence for Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Clairvoyance (Seeing the future), Telepathy (Communicating mind to mind), and Telekinesis (manipulating objects using only the power of mind). Other paranormal occurrences such as Out of Body experience, Apparitions and haunting also come under this realm of study. All these topics were dwelt by the resource person with minute details and the participants also actively participated in his discourse. He had also given the elaborated notes about the topic to all the participants. 

Rev.Dr.Antonyraj SDB, the Secretary of the College, Rev. Dr. Maria Antony Raj SDB, the Principal of the College, Rev.Fr.PaulrajAmalraj SDB, the Director of Niraivagam graced the occasion by their valuable presence. The entire programme was well planned and executed by the staff and students of the department, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Joe Sanjay OFM Cap the Head of the Department of Counselling and Psychology. The programme came to a perfect end with a distribution of participant certificate to all the participants. 

All the participants were highly appreciative of the resource person and the hospitality of our college. Our sincere thanks to Rev.Fr.Selvaraj SDB, Rev.Sr.Anthoniammal, Miss. LathaMunusamy who coordinated the entire work flow. The encouragement from the management and the participants have really boosted us to organize many more seminars and workshop like this kind in near future.