Valedictory of Association, Groups and Movements     

Valedictory of Associations for Academic and outreach associations  was organized on 22/02/2019. Invoking the presence of God, the Valedictory function commenced. The principal formally welcomed the gathering and was overwhelmed with the extraordinary simplicity of the chief guest,  Mr. Vinod Raghava Reddy, General Manager, The Times of India and an alumnus of our institution. Father Principal motivated the students on the need for perseverance and self discipline as our chief guest.

Rev. Fr.  Rector in his felicitation admired and appreciated the students for their love and respect towards the Salesians; in remembrance of Kuriokose, who passed away the previous day.

The Department of Counseling  Psychology,  Rev. Fr. Selvaraj, Rev. Fr..Sanjay and the Department of Bio Chemistry, released books pertaining to their departments.
Reports of 2018/19 were presented through PowerPoint Presentation.  The chief guest in his address was emotional and nostalgic of his relationship with this college. He cited anecdotes from his college life and  recalled the values taught to him by his teachers in this college. He stated that the values he learnt from this college has moulded him. He also answered the questions posed by students towards the end of his address. It was a motivational speech that was inspiring and kept the audience at their edge of their seats.
Later the students laid down the insignia and received prizes for their leadership during the year 2018/19. The programme concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Kurinji Malar assistant professor in department of Economics.