Inauguration of Academic Associations, Groups and Movements, and Outreach Programme 2019-2020     

On the 4th of July, 2019, Sacred Heart College celebrated the Inauguration of Academic Associations, Groups and Movements, and Outreach Programme. It began with the invocation followed by the leaders of various associations receiving the insignia and taking the pledge of responsibility.

Rev. Dr. Antony Raj, the Rector and Secretary, invoked the blessings of the almighty and welcomed the staff and students. Father insisted on belonging to a group for a successful learning.  Father Principal honoured the Chief Guest, Rev. Fr.  J. Jegath Gaspar Raj.

Rev. Dr. Maria Antonyraj, SDB, the Principal, welcomed the Chief Guest, staff and students. He introduced the chief Guest to the gathering. It was followed by the release of a very poignant book titled "The Mirror to our Times" written by Rev. Fr. A. M. Matthew. Father thanked the organization for releasing the books.
The activities to be conducted for the year 2019-2020, were screened through a media presentation.

Rev. Fr. Jegath Gaspraj in his address electrified the audience with his tremendous oratorical skill. He insisted the students to be socially responsible and know the purpose of their learning.  He cited many heart touching episodes from his personal life. He urged the students to be morally conscious.

The inauguration concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Dr. Mercillin Anita. She thanked Rev. Dr. Antony Raj, Rev. Dr. Maria Antonyraj, Rev. DR. Praveen Peter, Vice Principal, Shift I,  Dr. Xavier Rajarathinam, Vice Principal,  Shift I,  The Dean of Students, The Heads of the Departments, The teaching faculty, the non-teaching staff,  and the students for making the inauguration a success.