Ruby Jubilee Celebration of Department of Social Work 7th& 8th December, 2019     

The P.G.& Research Department of Social Work celebrated the Ruby Jubileeon 7th& 8th December 2019,for completing it’s40years(1979-2019) of excellence in teaching, research and practice.Thevision of the department was to give education in Social Work for rural youth. Around 100alumni from the inception (1979) and all the former faculty members joined the celebration and made it an unforgettable moment.

On day one, Dr. S. Paul Raj, the Head, Department of Social Work welcomed the gathering and played a video to recall the memories of the department. Rev. Dr. C.Antonyraj, the Rector and Rev.Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj, the Principal gave their felicitation address. The founder Rev. Fr. Joe Arimpoor and the former Faculty members,Prof. Allan JohnPochant, Rev. Dr. Stan Swaminathan, Dr. A.J. Christopher, Dr. C.M.J.Bosco and Dr. J. Henry Rozario were felicitated by eminent alumni.

The sharing of nostalgia by alumni made the noon very emotional toeveryone in the celebration.The alumni recalled the situations during their studies which made them come up in life. In the evening several games were organized to bring out the child in every alumnus.The present students brought the heaven down to the hall by their colourful and thunderous cultural performances. The cultural evening was filled with classical, folk, western, dances and mimes. The alumni joined the event and made it more colourful. The motto of the department ‘To Reach the Unreachable Star’ was remembered through the department anthem by the present students.

On day two, the Thanks Giving Holy Eucharistic brought the college management, former staff members, alumni, and the present students to thank the Almighty for His blessings over the past 4 decades. Rev.Fr. K. M. Jose, the Provincial, Chennai Province was the main celebrant. The entire Salesian community joined the Eucharistic Celebration.

The Founder of Bosco Institute of Social Work (BISW) and the First Head of the Department, Rev.Fr. Joe Arimpoor and Rev. Dr. Stan Swaminathan the former Principal and Head of the Department of Social Work gave felicitation address titled “A Way Forward” andcongratulated the department for maintaining its impeccable standards and producing great scholars for the society. Then, the past and present (alumni and present students) had an interaction session, which made the alumni mentoring and guidance possible for shaping the new generation of Social Workers.  The alumni took a walk through their ‘Once’ classrooms and recalled the sweet memories spent with their friends. They were reminiscing the good olden days of their life over here in the department. They shared their knowledge, experience and joywhich motivated the students for future learning in the department. The alumni contributed their novel ideas to help the department reach its excellence in Social Work Education. Rev.Fr.S. Henry Daniel Ambrose delivered the vote of thanks. He thanked all those who made the jubilee celebrationa great success and memorable. The two day event came to an end with a grand jubilee meal.This celebration has become one of the milestones in the history of P.G & Research Department of Social Work.