Event Details

The Annual Retreat for the Catholic and Christian Students was held between 12th, 13th and 14th August, 2022. The theme of the retreat was “Lord, Increase Our Faith.” – Luke 17:5. The retreat was conducted in five different groups in the premises of the campus. The I and II UG students were animated by Rev.Fr. Xavier Raj SDB & Grace Team. Rev.Fr. Pinto SDB with the help of Jesus Youth Team animated the III UG students. Brother John Christopher & Team and Fr. Christuraj MSFS & Team animated the PG students. The UG and PG Girls were animated by Mrs. María Sumithra & Team and Brother Anthony and Mrs. Sathya Team. Rev.Sr. Margarita SCB & Team conducted the retreat for foreign and other state students (FOSS) students. Some of the highlights of the retreat were praise and worship sessions, confessions, inner healing adoration, deliverance and anointing the students with the holy oil. It was a spirit-filled retreat. The students felt the presence of the Lord in their prayer moments. After the inner healing adoration, some students came forward to share their testimonies. The Lord touched them and revealed to them His love and mercy. During the retreat days, the intercessory prayers at Oasis were organised. The Blessed Sacrament was exposed and students brought their prayer requests and placed it in front of it. Some of the students volunteered to pray for others at Oasis. On the whole, the retreat brought a spiritual ambient in the campus and touched the lives of the students.