Event Details

The Department of Social Work (Human Resource Management), Sacred Heart College organized Parents meeting for the I MSW(HRM) students on 20th of August, 2022 at 5.00pm through online platform (google meet). The main purpose of the meeting was to orient the Parents about the course, its scope, to introduce faculty of the department, to read out the disciplinary rules and regulations followed in the department, to introduce the purpose of rural camp, field work and internship. It was a platform for faculty and parents to share insights and information for the student’s holistic development. The meeting was hosted by Mrs. E. Lisa (Head of the Department) and Mr. A. Sebastian (Class Teacher).

Outcome the Meeting:

  • Faculty members were introduced to the parents by Ms. Lisa
  • Introduction and orientation about the MSW(HRM) course
  • Scope of MSW (HRM) course in private and public sector organizations
  • Purpose of Field Work, Rural Camp and Internship was explained to parents and the cost of all these activities were explained.
  • Field Work days and the types of fields to which the students will be taken for visit was introduced to the parents.
  • Purpose of corporate training programmes and experiential sharing programmes for students were explained.
  • Transparency in account maintaining will be followed by the department which will be assured by making students to handle the fees collected for each training and visits by themselves and the accounts will be presented in common in the presence of faculty members.
  • Disciplinary rules and bylaws of the department were explained to parents and the parents were requested to assure that their children would follow all the rules and regulations initiated by the department.
  • Purpose of students’ uniform was explained and the dress code for boys and girls was stressed on among the parents.
  • Queries from Parents
  1. Placement Options for students after their course completion.
  2. Scope of the Course both in private and Government sector.
  3. Difference between MBA (HRM) & MSW (HRM).
  4. Safety of Girls during rural camp and field visit.
  5. Communication from the department to the parents regarding the field work and other expenses.
  • All the above queries and doubts raised by the parents were clariid during the meeting by Ms. Lisa and Mr. Sebastian.
  • It was decided during the meet to form a separate Whats App group for parents to communicate about the programmes, timings and expenses. This group consists of only parents and the faculty members.