Event Details

Rev. Fr. P. A. Thomas Memorial Lecture on "Sustainable Food Technology" was organized by the Department of Chemistry (Shift I) on 14th September, 2022. The resource person for the event was Dr. D. Ravishankaran, Professor, National Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Guindy Campus, Chennai-25. He spoken the importance of nanomaterials, nanobiointerface, sensors and how they are applied into food technology. Its role in food preservation, processing and in the agricultural sector was detailed. The employability of simple applications in the field of nanotechnology in everyday life was also discussed during this lecture. Dr.S.R. Xavier Rajarathinam, Head, Department of Chemistry(Shift I), Dr. Arokia Napoleon Raj, Head (UG), Department of Chemistry (Shift II), Dr. Collins Arun Prakash, Head (PG), Department of Chemistry (Shift II), the faculty members and students of the department graced the occasion.