Media Education     

The team DBICA, from Chennai had come to animate us on the media education. Bro. Arun SDB, The Assistant of Director of DBICA and the Vice-Principal of DBCAS College, Chennai headed the team for this animation. Besides him Fr. Sagayaraj SDB, the Assistant Director and the Administrator of the Citadel, Provincial House, Chennai, too animated the sessions. Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter and Rev. Dr. Theophil Anand SDB introduced the objective and purpose of the Media Education Seminar for the Shift I and Shift II respectively. Fr. Selvaraj SDB introduced the DBICA team to the students. The seminar on Media Education was held for two days in four sessions. On the first day 30th of July the sessions were animated for the Arts students both the shifts respectively without disturbing the class hours. On the second day 31st of July the sessions were animated for the Science students. Fr. Sagayaraj, SDB explained the meaning of media, its types, its importance and how it deceives people. He also taught how the photos are taken and also the tricks used behind the scenes. We think that all we watch on the screen is real. After his session a few students were asked to volunteer for the preparation of a short movie based on a theme; without dialogues only through action the messages was conveyed. The film team went into action during the second session. After the break, Bro. Arun SDB, spoke about the effects of the media that are created in every human being, who is addicted to hero worship and the cultic style of cinema. He explained the three steps thought process as 

we view a movie:

  1. With what attitude do we view the movie?
  2. What is the impact that the movie is creating in us?
  3. What do we do in society after viewing the movie?

This is the analyzing process of a movie. Most of the time we are led in a negative tone in our day-to-day life. Henceforth this would help the college students to analyze the movies that they view. The session ended with a short movie taken by the students. Thanks to all the Persons who have been the backbone of this Media Education Seminar.