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Educational Linkages
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College Council
The Secretary
The Principal
The Additional Principal
The Vice Principal (Shift - I)
The Vice Principal (Shift - II)
The Additional Vice Principal (Shift - I)
The Additional Principal ( Shift - II)
 Heads of the Departments
 Dean of Student Welfare
 Controller of Examinations
 Staff Secretary
 Teacher Representative
Teacher Representative
Director of Physical Education
Office Superintendent
Term of the Members
Teacher representatives will hold office for one year.
The college council will meet at least once in three months.
Co-operate with the Principal in the smooth working of the college.
Review of the college calendar.
Student discipline
Advising the Principal in managing the college affairs.
Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj
Vice Principal & COE
Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter
Heads of Departments
Value Education and Skill Electives
Rev. Dr. C.Antonyraj
Tamil (General Tamil & M.Phil)
Dr. P. Selvakumar
Tamil (Literature - Shift II)
Dr. P. Balasubramanian
Tamil (PG)
Dr. K. Parthibaraja
English (UG & M.Phil)
Mr. N. Arul Doss
English (PG)
Rev. Fr. Maria Arokiaraj
English (UG Shift-II)
Miss J. Mary Jenif
Economics (PG & M.Phil)
Mr. J. Missiadoss
Economics (UG)
Dr. A. Xavier Susairaj
Dr. D. Leslin
Commerce (UG & M.Phil)
Dr. K.A. Maria John Joseph
Commerce (PG)
Dr. K. Anbaiagan
Commerce (UG Shift-II)
Mrs. G. Devi
Commerce (CA)
Mr. P. Saravanan
Business Administration
Mr. R. Veerappan
Mathematics (PG & M.Phil)
Dr. A. George Maria Selvam
Mathematics (UG)
Dr. R. Murali
Mathematics (PG Shift-II)
Dr. G. Britto Antony Xavier
Mathematics (UG Shift-II)
Mr. S.U. Vasanthkumar
Physics (UG & M.Phil)
Dr. A. Albert Irudayaraj
Physics (PG)
Dr. M. Jose
Physics (UG Shift-II)
Mr. C. Thirupathy
Chemistry (UG & M.Phil)
Dr. S.R. Xavier Rajarathinam
Chemistry (PG)
Dr. T. Jeyabalan
Chemistry (UG Shift-II)
Dr. V. Collins Arun Prakash
Computer Science (UG & M.Phil)
Dr. L. Ravi
Computer Science (PG)
Dr. S. Sagayaraj
Computer Science (UG Shift-II)
Mrs. A. Josephine Sahaya Mala
Software Technology
Mr. A. John Martin
Social Work & C. Psychology
Dr. J. Henry Rozario
Biochemistry (PG)
Mrs. A. C. Gomathi
Biochemistry (UG)
Mrs. R. Anantha Lakshmi
MCA & M.Phil
Mr. George Louis Raja
MBA & M.Phil
Dr. S. Sasikumar
Computer Applications (UG)
Dr. M. Maria Dominic
Physical Education
Mr. A. Bento Devaraj
College Librarian
Mr. M. Selvam
Office Superintendent
Mr. S. Jeyaraju