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College Magazine
Vice-Principal ( Day College )
Vice-Principal ( Eve College )
One from Science Faculty
One from Arts Faculty
One from P.G. Departments
One from English Department
One from Tamil Department
Term of the Member
The term of office of the members will be two years
The College Magazine Committee will meet at least thrice a year
Invite articles, tidbits, reports for the magazine
Select materials for the magazine
Design cover page
Place order for printing
Proof-read the draft
College Magazine Commitee
Dept. of. English
Mr. N. Arul Doss
Dept. of. English
Mr. V. Madhan Kumar
Dept. of. Tamil (Shift - II)
Dr. G. Mohan Gandhi
Dept. of. Physics
Dr. A. Dhayal Raj
Dept. of. Chemistry
Dr. V. Collins Arun Prakash
Web Admin / Documentation Officer
Mr. J. Antony Amalraj
Mr. G. Sounder