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Financial Support
The greatest strength of the Sacred Heart College is that it does not collect any capitation fee for any course. At the same time financial support is given through scholarships and fee concessions to the deserving students. The scholarship is a source of encouragement given to the students. The magnitude, the variety and the number of scholarships given by the college are amazing. Students who do not get any scholarship are very few in number.
Government of India and State Scholarships
There are twenty-two scholarship schemes available for students (refer college calendar). The total amount received by the students is Rs.18,74,971.00 in the year 2009-10. Freeships to the tune of Rs. 1,24,434 for 37 students belonging to SC/ST/SCC has been granted during 2009-10. As a special scholarship scheme for the children of the farmers , the college received the maximum amount (Rs.10 lakhs) in the region.
Management Scholarships
Institution Scholarships
The Salesian province of Chennai allots every year Rs.2 lakhs to the deserving students of the college. The scheme is called DB scholarship. Besides the above, ‘Rector's Scholarship' is also available to the poor and needy students.
Alumni Scholarships
The alumni association of Sacred Heart College provides scholarships to the tune of Rs. 30,000 every year.
Endowment Scholarships
There are 88 endowment scholarships created by former staff members, former students and well-wishers to the tune of Rs. 9,78441 as deposits. The interest accrued from it is given as scholarship.
Fee Concessions
In spite of the many scholarships available for the students, some are unable to pay the fees and they are given fee-concession.