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Educational Linkages
As a corollary to our manifold academic activities, linkages have been created with many organizations in the field of research and training. The linkages have widened the horizon for research, consultancy, extension and placement of students.
International Linkages
There are two components in the evaluation and assessment of a student, namely Continuous Assessment [CA] and Semester Examination [SE]. The CA will take place during the course of the semester and the SE shall be conducted at the end of each semester, i.e; Odd Semester in October – November and Even Semester in April. Each UG course [B.A./ B.Sc./B.Com.] shall consist of six semesters. Each PG course shall consist of four semesters.
Salesian University Institutions
Sacred Heart College is a member of the association of Salesian University Institutions. The principal of the college attends the annual meeting in which the Salesian mission towards higher education is reviewed and plans are made for further developments. In the year 2005, the principal attended the meeting at Bonn-Germany in which the theme was "Contribution of Higher Education towards removal of poverty. Another meeting in Bangalore in 2006 followed it. A research study has been undertaken by the principal, for the association.
University of Rome " La Sapienza"
The University of Rome "La Sapienza", within the framework of AIUTASIA, the solidarity programme launched in the aftermath of Tsunami of 26 th December 2004, is committed to award of 10 scholarships to our students at Bachelor Degree level. We are in the process of finalizing MOU with the University of "La Sapienza" Rome.
Ohio State University
USA In collaboration with Dr. Mary Ellen Kondrat, Co-ordinator of the "Study Abroad Programme" of the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA, a ten credit course under the title, "Social Work Practice in the context of a Developing Country" for a class of inter-disciplinary post-graduate American students is being conducted by Fr. Stanislaus, Head of the Department of Social Work of our College.
Salesian Missions
New Rochelle, USA, a sister organization which has interacted with our management staff, has come forward to establish a language laboratory- a facility to create language skills development in our college and help us towards furniture needed for the college.
National Linkages
UGC and ICSSR are the major sources of financial assistance for our research undertakings. In the past three years research activities have gained momentum thanks to the release of grants by UGC and ICSSR. We did not leave any stone unturned to get the assistance from these organizations. The financial assistance has also been helpful for presenting papers at national and international conferences and for publication of research articles.
The universities are our channels for obtaining financial assistance. The University of Madras has assisted our college on two special occasions in getting exemption from payment of excise duty for purchase of equipments for research purpose. Our college has been selected to conduct the TNPCEE by the Anna University and an on-line registration facility has been established for the above examination. Examinations of the Periyar University , Salem are conducted in our campus. Possibility of establishing a study center of the above university is being thought of. Our college has been chosen as the study center of IGNOU as a special privilege to serve the student community of Vellore, Tiruvanamalai, Dharmapuri and Krishnagiri Districts.
Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA)
Sacred Heart College has a close association with IIPA. Various conferences of national importance, seminars on current issues, workshops of practical significance and minor projects of research value are undertaken at regular intervals. Holding competitions, conducting camps, launching reformative activities etc. are some of the other noteworthy programmes implemented by IIPA.
National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM)
On coming into contact with NBHM, rare and quality books have started coming in. The Mathematics book section has become a treasure house for research scholars. An international journal "Mathematical Intelligenzer" has also been received.
Madras Institute of Developmental Studies (MIDS) and Madras School of Economics (MSE)
MIDS and MSE serve as resource pools for consultancy and curriculum development particularly for the Department of Economics. Eminent scholars are invited for conducting seminars, delivering lectures and sharing their expertise. Their membership in the Board of studies as experts has enriched our curriculum.
RUSAC is an association of chemistry departments of colleges. The roles and functions of this association have been well designed. The action plans for conferences, research activities, students, faculty exchanges and consultancy are meticulously planned and perfectly executed.
Other Institutions
The departments of Computer Science and Social Work maintain linkages with a number of industries, software companies, agencies and educational institutions for project assignments and placements for their students.
Association of Mathematics Teachers (AMT)
The association of mathematics teachers has made a significant mark in training and guiding schoolteachers of mathematics to be creative and innovative. The college-school complex has been instrumental in bridging the gap between higher secondary schools and higher educational institutions.
Bosco Integrated Computing Services (BICS)
It is an autonomous institute having a close link with the college. The head of the department of computer science is the founder and consultant of this institute. Periodically the staff members assist the institute by guest lectures. The automation of the college office has been undertaken by this institute. All the softwares used in the college are developed by BICS. The students have access to this institute for consultancy and projects. Many of our past pupils are also employed in BICS.