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Application Downloads
COLLEGE WORKING HOURS (SHIFT - I) 8.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
UG Programmes PG Programmes
B.A. Economics M.A. Economics
B.Com M.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc Mathematics M.S.W.
B.Sc Physics M.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc Chemistry M.Sc. Software Technology
B.Sc Computer Science M.Sc. Biochemistry
B.B.A. M.Sc. Counselling Psychology
B.Sc. Biochemistry  
B.A. English  
B.Sc. Microbiology>  
(SHIFT - II) 1.40 p.m. to 6.05 p.m.
UG Programmes PG Programmes
B.Com. M.Com.
B.Com. (CA) M.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. Mathematics M.Sc. Physics
B.Sc. Physics M.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Chemistry M.A. Tamil
B.Sc. Computer Science M.A. English
B.A. Tamil  
B.A. English  
AICTE PROGRAMMES: 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)



Diploma in Computer Software Applications (PGDCSA)

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (PGDMLT)

Diploma in Human Resources Management (PGDHRM)

Diploma in Import and Export Management (PGDIEM)

Diploma in Logistics Management (PGDLM)


Research Programmes
M.Phil Courses Ph.D Courses
M.Phil., Tamil Ph.D Tamil
M.Phil., English Ph.D Economics
M.Phil., Economics Ph.D Commerce
M.Phil., Commerce Ph.D Mathematics
M.Phil., Mathematics Ph.D Physics
M.Phil., Physics Ph.D Chemistry
M.Phil., Chemistry Ph.D Social Work
M.Phil., Computer Science Ph.D Tamil
M.Phil., Social Work Ph.D Management (MBA)
M.Phil., Computer Application (MCA) Ph.D Biochemistry
M.Phil., Management  (MBA)  
M.Phil., Biochemistry