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Welcome to Sacred Heart College
Sacred Heart College
Sacred Heart College is an affiliated First Grade College of  Thiruvalluvar University. It is a minority institution, established and administered by the Salesians of Don Bosco(SDB). The first care of the management is to give Higher Education to the Catholic youth in a Christian atmosphere of peace, justice and social responsibility with a preferential option for the poor among them. The College is also open to students of all castes and creeds other than Catholics. Their religious beliefs are respected in this institution.
Vision Statement
We, the community of Sacred Heart College, inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and fundamental human values, following the educative system of Don Bosco, are committed to the creation of an educated, ethical, and prosperous society where equality, freedom and fraternity reign by imparting higher education to poor and rural youth which enables them towards integral human development.
Mission Statement
In the field of Higher Education we are committed to
1. Academic excellence
2. Healthy standards in extracurricular practices
3. Socially relevant research
4. Courses leading to employment and entrepreneurship,and
5. Continuous progress of the institution.
Socially, we work towards
1. Serving preferentially the underprivileged and rural youth
2. Educating them to social consciousness of rights and responsibilities,
3. Rooting out social evils, building communities,
4. Promoting total literacy, education and development of the neighbourhood.
Spiritually, we aim at
1. Integrating ethical, cultural and political values
2. Developing a sense of the Divine present in nature and in the human person.
3. This is done by means of group activities and personal guidance, in a family atmosphere.
In this way, we are "ready for every good work" (ad omne opus bonum instructi) in collaboration with the government and people of good will, to create a society more worthy of human beings.
A Brief History
Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Carreno SDB, a far-sighted missionary from Spain founded Sacred Heart College in the year 1951. It started functioning with 10 teachers and 81 students and in a short period of six decades, it has grown into a postgraduate and research institution. With the view to cater to the needs of the deserving local students, the college also offers undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses in the Evening College on self-financing basis.
Recognizing its academic contributions, the University of Madras conferred the autonomous status on the postgraduate courses of M.A. (Social Work) and M.Sc. (Mathematics) from the academic year 1987-88. Subsequently, in the year 1988-89, autonomous status was conferred on the postgraduate course of M.A. (Economics) and on all the undergraduate courses. The Evening College affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University, Vellore, is functioning in the non-autonomous mode. The College received the approval from AICTE(All India Council for Technical Education) to commence MCA programme on self-financing basis from the academic year 1998-99.
The System of Education
Don Bosco's system of education, popularly known as 'Preventive System', is the method of education at Sacred Heart College. Joseph Zoopi, the Swiss poet said: 'If there ever existed a system of education adapted to inspire confidence and love in the young, it is the system of Don Bosco.' Founded on the rich Salesian educative pedagogy of Reason, Religion and Kindness, it aspires to create a generation of young men and women steeped not only in a sound knowledge-based education but in a strong value-based education for life. Salesian Educative Pastoral Plan (SEPP) spells out the details of our educational endeavour.
The College Coat of Arms
The Coat of arms itself is clear in its significance. The lotus stands for purity and integrity. It is resting on a sea of blue, a colour denoting the Blessed Virgin Mary, the chosen Mother of Jesus Christ. The heart inside a cross is the Heart of Jesus who was crucified to redeem the humankind. The ring of thorns around the Heart tells us that the Heart of Jesus loves us even to the point of suffering. The open book is the symbol of knowledge that the college imparts. Sacred Heart College is named after the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Himself.
The College Motto and its Objectives
AD OMNE OPUS BONUM INSTRUCTI is the motto of our college. Various translations, are possible. 'Ready for every Good Work' is one. Another highly significant translation is that given by Rev. Ronald Knox.. "Every noble task will find him ready for it".
The general end of education at Sacred Heart College is the total development and the integral growth of the human person. To help the young people entrusted to our care to attain their personal growth we strive at:
1. Developing the intellectual capacity of the students to search for truth and knowledge.
2. Offering possibilities by which the students discern their calling in life.
3. Forming a social consciousness that will make them
  Capable of fostering good relationships with others
  Open to other cultures and religions
  Posses an attitude of solidarity and dialogue, a sense of participation and co-responsibility
  Become agents of social change with a preferential option for the poor and the downtrodden.
1951 Establishment of the College
1954 Department of Mathematics
1956 Department of Economics
1961 Department of Chemistry
1971 Department of Commerce, Jothi Nivas Hostel, Literary Club
1976 Silver Jubilee of the College, Tirupattur Rural Project
1979 Department of Social Work, Murphy Hostel
1980 Department of Mathematics-PG
1982 Don Bosco Indoor Stadium
1986 Evening College (commerce), Dept of Economics-PG, D.B.Center for Education.
1987 Autonomy of UG Courses
1988 Bosco Institute of Social Work, Computer Science (B.Sc)
1989 Department of Religion and Ethics, Guezou Computer Center
1991 Evening College B.Sc. (Maths), PGDCSA, IGNOU Study Centre
1993 Evening College B.Sc. (Physics)
1995 Bosco Integrated Rural Development Programme
1998 MCA with AICTE Approval, Evening College B.Sc. (C.S)
1999 Accreditation by NAAC with four stars, SAGES Counseling Center, CFCA Student Scholarship
2001 Golden Jubilee / Evening College (PG in Physics and Chemistry)
2004 PG Courses in Physics, Chemistry, Commerce and Tamil
2006 Re-accreditation with ?A? Grade / External Academic Audit of Departments - conducted
2007 Extension of Autonomous Status to Evening Courses / CBCS (Choice Based Credit System) introduced
2009 Co-education in UG level / M. Phil Courses introduced in Physics, Chemistry, Commerce and Tamil
2011 Diamond Jubilee / Approval for Ph. D in Physics, Chemistry, Commerce and Tamil, MBA., M.A (English) and BCA
2012 Approval for PGDMLT (Autonomous) and M.Sc (Software Technology (Subject to approval))