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Best Practices
Department of Physics (Shift-I)
Students Related
Physics department is following Don Bosco?s preventive system of education.
Students are prevented from getting fail marks in the examination and their standard is raised by the following practices.
  • When students are admitted in the first year, the class in-charge teaches the lessons both in Tamil and English to understand and create interest in the subject.
  • Since most of the students are coming from Tamil medium, notes ? dictation is fully avoided because they write with lot of spelling mistakes. Notes are circulated and the students are asked to ??? submit the hand written notes periodically.
  • When OHP is used, time is saved from drawing figures. The ?? teacher is making use of full hour in teaching.
  • The saved time is used to conduct periodic tests and warnings are given to students not performing well.
  • Students are encouraged to ask questions to clear their doubts.
  • Students are not punished or disturbed physically or verbally. Sometimes impositions will be given for the betterment of dull ????? students.
  • In practical class, initially practice is given to operate the measuring instruments like screw gauge, microscope etc.
  • Theory of practice is given for students before starting every cycle of experiments.
  • Each regular practical is considered as a test by giving marks for their performance.
  • For late admitted students and students attending sports, NCC and NSS camps, opportunity is given for doing practical in afternoon ? time.
  • Regular submission of calculation completed practicals observation sheets and record note books is insisted.
  • Before conducting CA tests in theory and practical, model tests are conducted.
  • Seminars are conducted.
  • Students are motivated by IQAC and CQC programmes.
  • In First year students fill up their bio-data and a file is created for ? every batch. It is useful to contact their parents, to know their back ground and also for future contact.
  • Students have to get prior permission from HOD or produce leave letter to take leave. The HOD informs the class in-charge.
  • Parents of students are called and informed about poor ? performance in tests, misbehavior and long absentee.
  • Brother - Sister relation is insisted among boys & girls and monitored by the First year class.
  • Morals are taught during good morning talks.
  • Absolute silence is observed in class and lab.
  • Education tour is arranged in the final year.
  • Dress code is insisted.
Staff related
  • HOD is given due respect by teaching staff and Lab. Assistants in the department and HOD is having cordial relationship with staff.
  • There is mutual understanding among the staff.
  • There is a family atmosphere in the department.
  • Staff family functions are attended by all staff.
  • Students problems are discussed in meetings and solutions are taken.
Creative Aspects
  • OHP and PPT methods are used for teaching.
  • Seminars by students are given by using PPT.
  • Extra credit paper on Bio-Physics was introduced.
  • Special projects were given to second year B. Sc students.
  • UGC sponsored certificate course was conducted during 2004-2007