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Value Education
About the Department
Department & its year of establishment
  • Department of Value Education
  • Right from the inception of the college in 1951, value education was part of the curriculum.
Programmes / Courses offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.)
    • Life skills for all the UG students in all the six semesters.
    • Environmental Science for the first two semesters for UG
    • Human Rights based on the Constitution of India in the Third Semester for UG
    • Ethics and Religion in the Fourth semester for UG.
    • Human Rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Constitution of India for PG students.
Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved
  • Students of all the departments have to do the above courses.
Annual / Semester / Choice based credit system
  • Semester system cum Choice based credit system
Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments
  • Part of the syllabus for all departments.
Faculty with ongoing projects from  a) National  b)International funding agencies and Total grants received.

Mention names of funding agencies and grants received project-wise.

  • Nill
Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; DBT, ICSSR, etc.; total grants received
  • Nill
Areas of consultancy and income generated
  • Nil
Faculty recharging strategies
    • Seminars conducted for the Staff taking Value Education and Skills classes.
Awards / recognitions received at the national and international level by
  • Faculty  :  Nil
  • Doctoral / post doctoral fellows  :  Nil
  • Students  :  Nil
Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops organized and the source of funding

(national / international) with the details of outstanding participants, if any.

  • Seminar on Human Rights funded by UGC, Delhi was organized.
Present details about infrastructural facilities
    • Library
    • Internet facilities for staff and students
    • Total number of class rooms
    • Class rooms with ICT facility
    • Students? laboratories
    • Research laboratories
Number of students of the department getting financial assistance from the College.
  • Nil
Details of `beyond syllabus scholarly activities` of the department.
  • Human Rights Awareness programme was organized for the public.
Future plans of the department.
  • P.G. programme in Psychology and Counselling.
  • On-line certificate programme on value Education.
  • Developing a TOT (Training for Trainers) module.