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Management Studies (MBA)
About the Department
Department & its year of establishment
  • Department of Management Studies
  • Year of the Establishment  :  2011
Programmes / Courses offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.)
  • PG Course: MBA
Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved
  • Nil
Annual / Semester / Choice based credit system
  • Semester system cum Choice based credit system
Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments
  • Nil
Faculty with ongoing projects from  a) National  b)International funding agencies and Total grants received.

Mention names of funding agencies and grants received project-wise.

  • Nil
Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; DBT, ICSSR, etc.; total grants received
  • Nill
Areas of consultancy and income generated
  • Nil
Faculty recharging strategies
  • Staff retreat and staff animation programmes.
Awards / recognitions received at the national and international level by
  • Faculty - Nil
  • Doctoral / post doctoral fellows ? Nil
  • Students - Nil
Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops organized and the source of funding

(national / international) with the details of outstanding participants, if any.

  • Nil
Present details about infrastructural facilities
Particulars Numbers
Collection of books in the library 173
Journals and magazines subscribed 25
CDs 8
Databases 2
E- Journals -Ebsco 1096
Jgate 2128
Computers 16
Internet facilities for staff and students
  • Browsing cards are given for students.
  • The college has a separate Browsing Centre for the Students of College. The students shall be Preparing Manuscript / Browsing / Surfing / Searching / Downloading / CD Writing / Printing as per their requirements.
    Total number of Classrooms
  • Classrooms: 2
  • Tutorial (Specializations) Room: 3
  • Each class and tutorial rooms is provided with LCD projector.
Classrooms with ICT facility
All the Classrooms and tutorial rooms are equipped with ICT facilit
    1. LCD Projector,? 2. Black Board
     Students? laboratories Business Laboratory
Research laboratories
Number of students of the department getting financial assistance from the College.
  • 10 students
Details of `beyond syllabus scholarly activities` of the department.
  • Nil
Future plans of the department.
  • To develop the department into a research department
  • To increase the? intake of students
  • To conduct major corporate interactions
  • To increase specializations
  • To conduct additional diploma courses such as SPSS, Tally and SAP
  • To conduct more campus interviews