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About the Department
The School of Entrepreneurship and Skill Development Centre is a joint initiative between vSeed Foundation and Sacred Heart College. It is designed to create & provide the best startup ecosystem for our students. The centre is a hub for radical game changers to convert their dreams into realities.
By 2020, 64% of the Indian population will be of working age group. Majority of them will be from rural areas. An estimated 300-500 million employable youth needs to be skilled in some form or the other. Creation of a knowledge-based society is the absolute need of the hour.
Our close association with various institutes of social work, self-help and livelihood groups provides direct connect with rural customers strengthening the need to create rural based micro entrepreneurs. This also serves as a platform to serve and drive community development.
Issues we are addressing:
Room 11 & 12, Abraham Panampara Research Centre.