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Computer Science
About the Department
Department & its year of establishment
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Year of the Establishment  :  1988
Programmes / Courses offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.)
B.Sc., Computer Science
PG M.Sc., Computer Science
M.Phil. M.Phil. Computer Science
Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved
Interdisciplinary courses
  • E-Commerce
  • Office Software
Department Involved
  • Business Administration
Non-Major Elective Courses
  • Internet Fundamentals
  • Principles of Web Design
Departments Involved
  • English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Commerce
Annual / Semester / Choice based credit system
  • Semester system cum Choice based credit system
Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments
Elements of Accounts, Advertising and Salesmanship
Mathematics Mathematics for Competitive Examination, Basic Mathematics
Physics Non-Conventional Energy, Astrophysics
English English for Competitive Examination, Effective English for Communications
BBA Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management
Biochemistry Energy Builders, Health Care and Disease Management
Faculty with ongoing projects from  a) National  b)International funding agencies and Total grants received.

Mention names of funding agencies and grants received project-wise.

S. No Name of the Faculty Type of Grant
Funding Agency Grants Received

21st Sep. 2012
Sponsors & Sacred Heart College
  • Dr.G.Sekaran, CLRI, Chennai
  • Dr.L.John Kenndy
    VIT, Chennai
  • Dr.Syed Shafi, HOD,
    Dept. of Chemistry, Thiruvalluvar University
Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; DBT, ICSSR, etc.; total grants received
  • Nill
Areas of consultancy and income generated
  • Nil
Faculty recharging strategies
S. No Faculty Name Orientation Refresher Workshop/ Seminar / Conferences Training Programme
1. Dr.L.Ravi - - 13 2
2. Dr.S.Sagayaraj - - 8 1
3. Mr.J.John Arockiaraj - - 3 -
4. Mrs.A.Josephine Sagaya Mala - - 4 -
5. Mr.D.Adhiyaman - - 3 -
6. Mrs.R.Sandrilla - - 1 -
7. Mr.R.Veeraraghavan - - 2 -
8. Mr.A.Selvaraj Jeyakumar - - 1 -
9. Mr.R.Karthik - - 2 -
10. Mr.P.Karthik - - 1 -
11. Mr.V.S.Jayakumar Paul Bosco - - 1 -
12. Ms.M.Poovizhi - - 1 -
13. Mrs.P.Punitha Ilayarani     1  
14. Mr.S.Srinath - - 1 -
Awards / recognitions received at the national and international level by
Faculty Dr.L.Ravi Meritorious paper award at International Conference, London
Doctoral / Post-doctoral fellows Nil
Students Nil
Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops organized and the source of funding

(national / international) with the details of outstanding participants, if any.

S. No
Name of the Seminar/ Conferences/ Workshops
Funding Agency Outstanding Participants
1. National conference on Software Engineering and Applications at Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Vellore. 29.08.12 to 31.08.12 UGC Dr.S.Margret Anouncia
Professor and Director, School of Computing Science & Engg, VIT University, Vellore.
Mr.A.Antoniraj, Assistant Professor, School of Computing Science &Engg. VIT University, Vellore.
Mr.V.Balasubramanian, Asst. Professor,School of Computing Science &Engg. VIT University,Vellore.
Mr.Reine De Reanszi, Project Lead-QA,
Fiber Link India, Bengaluru.
Dr.K.M. Anil Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of CS & E, SJCE, Mysore.
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Computer Science, St.Joseph?s College, Trichy.
Dr.R.Manoharan, Associate Professor in CSE, Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry.
Dr.T.Rajarathinam, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, St.Joseph?s College, Trichy.
Dr.D.I.George, Associate Professor, Department of CS, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy.
2. Third National Conference on Software Engineering and Applications at Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Vellore.
11.11.07 to 13.11.07

Sacred Heart College
Dr.S.V.Kasimir Raja,
Dean & Research,
SRM University, Chennai.
Dr.L.Arokiam, Reader, Dept. of Computer Science, St.Joseph?s College,
Dr.A.Clement King,
Dept. of Computer Science, Loyola College,
Dr.Gopinath Ganapathy, Head,
Dept. of Computer Sciecne, Bharathidasan University, Tirchy.
Dr.T.Rajarethinam, Reader & Department of Computer Science,
St. Joseph?s college,
Dept. of Computer Science, Pondy Engineering College, Pondy.
Mr.G.Vaideeswaran, Engineering Manager, Novell India Development Centre,
Mr.Praveen R Dhanam, Software Specialist,
Tata Elxsi Ltd,
Associate General Manager, HCL Technologies, Chennai.
Mr.Moses Abraham,
System Manager,
Bosco Info Tech (P) Ltd, Yellagiri Hills.
Mr. A.Jeganathan, Team Lead, Accenture, Chennai.
Present details about infrastructural facilities
Number of Journals, Magazines  -  11
Books  -  414
Internet facilities for staff and students
Browsing Centre
Personal Laptop through Wi-Fi Connection  -  5
Department laptop through Wi-Fi connection  -  Nil
Total number of Classrooms
B.Sc  -  3 (Shift I & II)
BCA  -  2
M.Sc  -  1
M.Phil  -  1
Classrooms with ICT facility
B.Sc  -  3 (Shift I & II)
BCA  -  1
M.Sc  -  1
Students? laboratories
S. No Particulars Available Facilities
1. No. Of Computer Terminals 66
2. Hardware Specification Inter Pentium IV Processor. Inter Mother Boards, 2GB/1GB/512DDR Ram, 500/120 GB HDD, TFT/CRT Monitor, 104 Keys Keyboard, PS2 Mouse, SMPS with Cabinet
Inter Pentium III Processor, Inter MGB HDD, CRT Monitor, 104 Keys Keyboard, Serial Mouse, SMPS with Cabinet
3. No. of Servers in DBC 2
4. No. of Terminals of LAN/WAN 68
5. Peripherals  
6. Printers Dot Matrix 24 Pin : 2 Nos
7. Cooling Systems (AC) Window 1.5 Ton 3
8. Power backup (UPS) 10 KVA ONLINE UPS system with 1 hr Backup
7.5 KVA ON LINE UPS System with 1 hr Backup
  • Research laboratories  :  Nil
Number of students of the department getting financial assistance from the College.
  • Management Scholarships and Midday Meals  ?  Data Not Available
Details of `beyond syllabus scholarly activities` of the department.
  • IT Meet
  • Research Cell
  • Students attending workshops and conferences?
  • Student forums
Future plans of the department.
  • To introduce Ph.D. Programme.
  • To establish a research laboratory.
  • To create Memorandum of Understanding with software companies in Chennai and Bangalore to promote placement of students, project development and exchange programmes for training.
  • To build a database of alumni.