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About the Department
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Department & its year of establishment
  • English, 1951
Self-financed section of English programmes started
English, 2009
Programmes / Courses offered (UG, PG, M.Phil., Ph.D., Integrated Masters; Integrated Ph.D., etc.)
  • Part II English for the students of all the undergraduate courses
  • B.A. (English Literature) and
  • M.A. (English Literature)
Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved
  • Part II English for all departments
  • Non- Major Elective Course  :  English for Competitive Exams
  • Departments involved  :  Dept. of Tamil
  Dept. of Ethics
Dept. of Physics
Dept. of Mathematics
Dept. of Biochemistry
Dept. of Computer Science
Dept. of Commerce
Dept. of Business Administration
Annual / Semester / Choice based credit system
  • Semester system cum Choice based credit system
Participation of the department in the courses offered by other departments
Departments   Non-Major Elective Courses
Dept. of Ethics : Christian Religion, General and Special Ethics
Dept. of Physics : Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Astrophysics
Dept. of Mathematics : Mathematics for Competitive Examinations, Basic Mathematics
Dept. of Biochemistry : Energy Builders, Healthcare and Disease Management
Dept. of Computer Science : Internet Fundamentals, Principles of Web Design
Dept of Commerce : Elements of Accounts, Advertising and Salesmanship
Dept of Business Administration : Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management

Faculty with ongoing projects from  a)National  b)International funding agencies and Total grants received.

Mention names of funding agencies and grants received project-wise.

  • Nil
Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; DBT, ICSSR, etc.; total grants received
  • Nil
Areas of consultancy and income generated
S. No Area of Consultancy Institution Name Year Income generated Name of the Faculty
1. ELT SIHARAM, T.V. Malai 2012 Honorary Service Fr. Maria rokiaraj
2. ELT BIIT, Yellagiri Hills 2012 Honorary Service Fr. Maria rokiaraj
3. ELT IVDP, Krishnagiri 2012 Honorary Service Fr. Maria rokiaraj
Faculty recharging strategies
S. No. Name of the Faculty Participated in Programmes
Orientation Refresher Seminar/ Workshops National Conference Animation Programmes
1 Mrs. D. Joy Christina 1 3
2 Ms P. Hiltrud Dave Eve 1 3
3 Fr. Maria Arokiaraj SDB 1 2
4 Mrs. Rosaline Bosco 5
5 Ms. Dorothy Catherine 4 6 4
6 Mrs. Anitha Kishore 3
7 Ms. Mary Jenif 2 4 2
8 Mr. Yesudass 2
9 Mr. Arokiasamy 1
10 Ms. Ayisha Bagum 1
11 Mrs. Poovizhi 1
12 Mr. Peter C. Prabu 1
13 Mr. Ranjith Kumar 1
14 Mr. Suresh 1
Awards / recognitions received at the national and international level by
  • Faculty  -  Nil
  • Doctoral / post doctoral fellows  -  Nil??
  • Students  -  Nil

Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops organized and the source of funding

(national / international) with the details of outstanding participants, if any.

  • Nil
Present details about infrastructural facilities
  • No. of English books purchased after 2007 in the Library  :  675
  • Departmental Library  :  Nil
  • Internet facilities for staff and students  :  Cybrary(16) &  Browsing Centre (40)
  • Total number of Classrooms  :  6
  • Classrooms with ICT facility  :  4
  • Students? Laboratories (Language Lab)  :  1
  • Research Laboratories  :  Nil
Number of students of the department getting financial assistance from the College.
S.No Batch Programme Beneficiars
1 2012-2013 B.A. English 12
M.A. English 6
Details of `beyond syllabus scholarly activities` of the department.
  • Book club
  • Drama club
  • Author presentations
  • Debate
  • Quiz
  • Participating in inter-collegiate programmes with regard to English Literature.
  • In-house magazine for the department
  • Encouraging translation of English literary works into other Indian languages.
  • Paper Presentations
  • Publishing articles in journals and magazines
  • Inculcating reading habits through library card system.
  • Undertaking mini projects on linguistics.
Future plans of the department.
  • Encouraging all the faculty members to register for Ph.D.
  • Creating opportunity to help the registered members to complete their Ph.D.
  • Encourage students and staff to use IT in their teaching-learning process.
  • Make English, the language of the department.
  • Make students read more library books.
  • Encourage students to write in journals, newspapers, magazines etc.
  • Encourage students to participate in inter-collegiate programmes.
  • Help all the students to pass in the semester examinations.
  • Help all the final year students to complete their degree on time.
  • Start a research department
  • To start need based certificate programmes.
  • Exchange programmes for staff and students
  • Organise recharge courses for the staff.
  • Enhancing department library with ICT resources.
  • Creating a centre for communicative skills for the general public.
  • Offer consultancy, counselling and guidance to the students