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The Office administration has undergone several stages of significant improvement over the past five years. As a result, there has been efficiency, swiftness optimum utility of human resources in day-to-day functioning.
Reshuffling of staff
In accordance with the taste, competency and interest of the staff, a few changes of portfolios were made which were proved to be beneficial both to the individuals and to the institution.
Office Automation
The most appropriate improvement brought about in the office administration is computerization of office work. Nine computers have been provided to the staff. The Bosco Institute of Computer Science, Yelagiri at the cost of Rs. 3,49,760/-, developed the software. The office automation has ensured accuracy, accountability and transparency. The profile office staff and students is made available in the website.
Training and Animation Programmes
Non-Teaching Staff are given periodical training and animation programmes. Among these special mention must be made of the seminar on Time Management (vide college chronicle Dt. 12.2.05) and a weeklong course on computer Literacy (vide college chronicle at. 11.4.05). The spiritual programme to the staff is an annual feature. The office staffs are also sent to the office of Regional Director of Collegiate Education to familiarize themselves with the office work.
Morning Assembly
The administrative staff gather at 8.30 a.m. on three days of the week (Wednesday to Friday) for a short prayer and pep talk by the Secretary, Principal and Vice Principal of the college for providing information.
A monthly get-together is held to felicitate the birth days or feast days of the Non-Teaching Staff. These meetings instill self confidence, self-esteem and self-respect of the staff. The recognition given to the members is greatly cherished by them.
Office Location
The location of the college office has been re-designed so as to provide maximum and easy access to staff and students. The sacredness and secrecy of the office have been safeguarded by the new set-up. The office staff are able to discharge their duties methodically and efficiently.
Decentralisation of the work has been made to some extent with a view to assigning more responsible and quality work to the Office Superintendent and the Senior Assistants.
Fee Collection
All the fees are remitted in the bank directly by the students. By this method, the burden on the office staff is reduced and the transparency is ensured.
Welfare Measures
The Management has revised the salary structure of the Management Staff of a considerable extent. They are definitely paid a higher salary than their counterparts in other colleges. EPF is started from the date of their appointments. The managements also provides loans to the members with easy instalments of repayment.
Working Days
The office is open form Monday to Saturday. Though Saturdays are not working days, 50 percent staff are on duty on all Saturdays to ensure continuity and to clear the backlog of work.
The Workload
Apart from the routine day-to-day work, the staff are doing a lot of additional work arising out of autonomous status, extra curricular activities, extension services, certificate/diploma courses, seminars, workshops etc.