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Educational Linkages
VCT coperative learning and education technology - International Certification

Current titles and important journals
Procured by referring the books and journals catalogues, newspapers, book fairs and books suppliers.
Attendance sheets are introduced for the following departments
Social work
Computer Science
Apart from the class room interaction, the students are compelled to go to the library Students are encouraged to take seminars, write assignments and participate in the debates by referring books and magazines/journals. American Information Resource Centre, Chennai
Enroll to be a member
Borrow 20 books and 5 videotapes per month
Get their publications namely Book Alert, Article and Web Alert, Span magazine, AIRC Newsletter, bibliographies and videographies
Allowed to access several CDs and videotapes
If a request is sent through mail, they will supply Bibliographies, full texts and copies of the text from the CDs.
Encouraged to make use of the services of IIT chennai and IISC, Bangalore and the INFLIBNET through the college library.