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The entry of the student and staff into the library is tracked through a Barcode Swiping Machine. The movements inside the library are monitored through a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). New cabinets for the periodical Back Issues have been acquired. The library system is automated through EBLIS (a Library Software) and Online Public Access Catalogue. The circulations of books are being facilitated through barcoded books and identity Cards. There is a photocopier available in the library for photocopying; a cutting machine and hand press machine are available for binding.? A cyber library called the Cybrary has been made available for staff and research scholars. The racks available in the library have been increased and the lower level racks have been elevated to enable housekeeping, and easy access. The library provides CD-ROMs for self-instruction and a virtual classroom to supplement classroom teaching/learning.
Library working hours
Monday-Friday 8.00a.m to 8.00 p.m
Saturday 8.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m
Sunday 9.00 a.m to 12.30 p.m
Vacation 8.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m
Property counter
Open access property counter at the entrance to deposit one’s personal belongings.
Members profile
Library services are extended to the students and staff of Day and Evening College and Research scholars.
Information Sources :
Collection of books in the library 57634
Journals and magazines subscribed 134
Periodical back volumes 2612
CDs 215
Databases 2
Bibliographic details of Journals fed in computer 20000
Videotapes 500
Computers 4
Library Services
Orientation to fresher
Open access to books and journals
Swiping Machine at the entrance
Current periodicals and newspapers in the Periodical section
Periodical back issues in the cabinets
Easy access to journals, magazines and newspapers
University and Autonomous Question papers
Printed Library catalogue
A database for Journal articles listing
A separate wing for CDs, Video tapes, Internet and E-journals
Newspapers in the form of book
Reading materials from USIS library
Activities apart from usual display of new arrivals :
Important and interesting articles
Current contents of periodicals
General and subject bibliographies
Selected readings
Employment and education advertisements
Sport star-blow ups
Keeping pace with the recent developments in the subjects
Motivating the students/teachers to read the existing and new arrivals
After processing the new arrivals, Staff members are invited to see the books.
Photocopying  :
Done between 2.30 and 4.30 pm
Done at any time for the faculty
Rs0.75 per page
Allowed to take information sources outside the college premises, if the staff is not on duty.
On-line and Internet services :
Browsing center is kept open between 9 am and 6 pm on all the working days
Encouraged to access and download free e journals in CDs
Browse any website, any article, download or take print out by paying the nominal cost
Given 15 hours for Rs. 150
Scanning is also possible
Relevant Websites of different disciplines are downloaded, compiled and kept ready for reference.
Articles alert service
Information on recent journal articles are collected and kept journal wise.
Thesis and Dissertation :
The project reports of M. A. Economics,Social work, M.C.A., PGDCSA, UG Computer science, M.Phil Dissertation and PhD theses are available for reference.
Non-members are also allowed to refer them.
Subject Reference Section : Bibliographic information on Articles appeared in different periodicals are printed and kept journal wise. GK and Competitive Exam books
Books on General knowledge, competitive examinations like NDA, Public Service Commission (Both Tamil Nadu and Union), SBI and other Nationalised Bank, Asst. Grade, JRF, SLET, UGC are kept separately for reference. Periodical back volumes
Periodical back volumes are bound and kept for reference.
Supplementary pages of “The Hindu, New Indian Express, Dinamani” Sport Star blowups are bound like long size book and kept for reference.
Bibliographic information on Articles appeared in different periodicals are printed and kept journal wise.
Archival  :
Very old magazines and journals, books and the project reports are kept separately in the archival section of the reference library.   Books and the Stack  :
Science Stack Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science
Arts Stack Social work, Economics, Commerce, History and Politics
Humanities Stack English & Tamil
Books Lending :
For Students Between 8.45 a.m and 4.30 pm, sometimes till 5.00 pm when there is a crowd or a request.
For Staff Any time
During Semester exams and Holidays Any Time
Borrower's privilege :
Member category No.of books Lending Period
Research scholars 4 10 Days
PG Students 4 10 Days
UG Students 2 10 Days
Staff 15 One semester
Current titles and important journals :
Procured by referring the books and journals catalogues, newspapers, book fairs and books suppliers.  Attendance :
Attendance sheets are introduced for the following departments
Social work
Computer Science
Apart from the class room interaction, the students are compelled to go to the library Students are encouraged to take seminars, write assignments and participate in the debates by referring books and magazines/journals. American Information Resource Centre, Chennai :
Enroll to be a member
Borrow 20 books and 5 videotapes per month
Get their publications namely Book Alert, Article and Web Alert, Span magazine, AIRC Newsletter, bibliographies and videographies
Allowed to access several CDs and videotapes
If a request is sent through mail, they will supply Bibliographies, full texts and copies of the text from the CDs.
Encouraged to make use of the services of IIT chennai and IISC, Bangalore and the INFLIBNET through the college library.
Library committee :
Consists of the Principal, Vice Principal, Director of library, Librarian, Teacher representatives from senior scale, selection grade, dean of student welfare, two student representatives from UG (one from Arts and the other from the Science) and two from PG. Meets twice in a month and gives suggestions for the library improvement.
Department Libraries :
Physics and Chemistry have their Departmental library.
Suggestions and Complaints A box is kept for dropping suggestions and complaints Given freedom to suggest or to complain to The Secretary and The Correspondent, The Principal or The Vice Principal, The Additional Vice Principal or Dean of student welfare or the Director of Library directly. For further information please contact
The College Librarian,
Sacred Heart College (Autonomous),
Tirupattur V.Dt. 635 601 
Sacred Heart College (Autonomous),
Tirupattur V.Dt. 635 601 

: 91-04179-220553-EXTN.228
Fax : 91-04179-226600
E-mail : sunjog97@rediffmail.com