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Media Forum & Consumer Forum
The Media Forum services the student community by providing them with media education. The forum members gain rich experience by participating in the media programmes outside the college. To this effect, the forum carried out the following activities:
Screening of Motion Pictures
Conduct of Expert Lectures
Group Discussions
Review meetings are held to review the main news items of the week. Students present their articles, news items, tit bits etc, in these meetings. Discussions are held on the messages broadcast through Radio, T.V. and Cinema. Other activities of the forum include participation in essay writing, elocution, poetry competitions, preparation of the posters, cartoons, etc., and bringing awareness to villagers.
Weekly meetings were held to review the main items of the week.
Students visited several villages for an on the spot study.
Students presented their articles, news items, tit bits etc. in these meetings.
Discussions were held on the news broadcast through Radio and T.V.
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