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Browsing Centre
The college has a separate Browsing Centre for the Students of College. The students shall be Preparing Manuscript / Browsing / Surfing / Searching / Downloading / CD Writing / Printing as per their requirements. There are twenty workstations working with Linux 9.0.
The Browsing Centre has the following ways of connections with the Internet.
Leased Line
Leased Line 64 kbps Facilities from Chennai to Tirupattur - Provider BSNL
ISP : Prims Telecommunication, Chennai.
Bandwidth : 64 Kbps
Dialup Line-1
Dialup 128 kbps Facilities By Reliance (I) Pvt. Ltd., Tirupattur.
Dialup Line-2
Dialup Line is supported by BSNL, Vellore.
Dialup ISDN Connection
This Line is supported by BSNL, Vellore with a speed of 64 kbps.