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The institutional goals and objectives are translated into the following academic and non-academic programmes.
Admission Policy
The central concern of this institution is the welfare of the young, and among them, the  poor and the abandoned. The major target groups are the rural poor, dalits, tribals/exploited and the marginalized. No student is denied the opportunity of higher education on account of poverty.
Physical Development
Sports and games take a special place in this institution. From providing purified drinking water to the balanced diet in the hostels and mid-day meal scheme for day scholars, the institution takes every care in building up the good health of the students.
Intellectual Development
Academic excellence and building intellectual capacity  for truth and knowledge is the primary focus of this institution. Regular contact classes, exposure programmes, update of knowledge by visiting professors, seminars, research studies, study circles, library update are some of the activities in pursuit of this aspect of development.
Psychological Development
Considering the handicaps of the rural students with regard to their personality development, the College has developed a centre called SAGES (Services of Advice, Guidance and Empowerment of Students) to take care of this aspect of their development.
Social Development
SHELTERS (The Salesian Higher Education for Leadership Training and Empowerment of Rural Society) is an umbrella extension programme. Under this programme, the students of all the associations are trained in social  responsibility, loyalty to the country and the community around them. Denouncing and fighting social evils such as caste, corruption, and degradation of women and violation of human rights are constitutive parts of this institution's education.
Career Development
The disadvantaged rural youth requires special skills training for job placement. The institution has set up a separate entity called VAZHIKATTI (a centre for career guidance and job placement) to take care of this aspect.
Computer Skills Development: The Guezou Computer Academy (GCA)
It is entrusted with the responsibility of providing computer literacy to all the students so that they may cope with the changing trends in ICT (Information and Communication Technology).
Spiritual Development
This institution respects every religion. The department of value education goes into the heart of every religion and brings out the foundations of love, peace, justice and truth. The students are trained to be spiritually mature and patriotic persons. OASIS is the centre for spiritual development.
The holistic education is given in this College not merely as a tool to make a living but to teach the art of living as integrated persons. The strategy is to develop the community through the human resource development of the rural young people who are most disadvantaged.