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Research and Publication
The College has constituted a Research and Publications Committee since 2007. All those who have completed Ph.D. are members of this committee. This committee meets periodically to monitor the progress on the developments of research activities in the College. The committee comprised of seven members in 2007 has swelled to thirty now.
The committee mainly motivates and urges the faculty members to register for Ph.D. and to publish papers in scientific journals. As a result of this, a good number of papers have been published in national and international journals. Similarly the number of Ph.D. holders has increased from 7 in 2007-08 to 30 by 2011-12. Currently the College has 49 M.Phil.  and 10 Ph.D. guides in various disciplines. The number of scholars who have completed M.Phil. (344) and those who have completed Ph.D. has increased by 12 during 2007-12.
One of the significant contributions of the research and publication committee is the publication of Sacred Heart Journal of Science and Humanities – a biannual with ISSN number. Establishment of instrumentation centre serves as a boon to the research activities of Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry departments. During the last five years, four new Ph.D. programmes (Tamil, Commerce, Physics & Chemistry) and six M.Phil. programmes (Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry Social Work, Tamil & Commerce) have been started. This is in addition to the already existing research programmes.
As a result of committee’s efforts, students have come out with lot of research initiatives. Research thrust has been infused in to the M.Sc students who are carrying out projects. M.Phil. students are working on their dissertation. The formation of research groups in every department has also motivated them further.
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