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Co-Curricular Activities
SHELTERS is a two credit co-curricular programme, the completion of which is an essential requirement for obtaining the final degree by every student.
SHELTERS :“Salesian Higher Education for Leadership Training and Empowerment of Rural Society” is evolved from the former programme known as BIRD: Bosco Integrated Rural Development.
Sacred Heart College is a center of Higher Education. Its educational approach is Salesian in Character. The Salesian characteristics spring forth from Don Bosco the saintly and unique educator who founded the Salesian Society of Catholic Priests and Brothers to educate youth and to form them as leaders to serve the powerless and suffering humanity.
SHELTERS supply special ingredients to the holistic education and formation to our students while they are busy acquiring expertise in their chosen discipline of study. SHELTERS programme provides them with SELF DEVELOPMENT through theoretical inputs, exercises, exposures and experiments; INTER PEROSNAL DEVELOPMENT through inter-personal relationship skills, communication skills, group building skills and organizational skills, SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT through social awareness, community involvement and community development activities.
The programme enhances our pattern of education as socially relevant and effective, to both the youth and the society. SHELTERS are places in which our students can learn personal development, interpersonal development, an­d leadership development.
SHELTERS are welcome places where students unsatisfied by academics can refresh themselves by interesting and socially beneficial learning and doing experience.
SHELTERS are welcome places where our college youth can exercise their spontaneity and leadership.
The students, active in SHELTERS , engage in a wide variety of rural services like developmental, remedial, rehabilitational, problem solving, advocacy, etc. Joining hands with the Government and the NGO’s they empower the weak, helpless and powerless rural society to transform themselves into happy human beings fully alive.
SHELTERS make our students socially conscious and deeply involved in nation-building by working against poverty, inequality and all forms of social injustice. This programme offers shelter to the powerless and suffering rural society.
As an umbrella, SHELTERS shelter all associations of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of our college, namely AICUF, NCC, NSS, Media Forum, Fine Arts Club, Sports Club, Red Cross Society etc. and their activities are accredited. A record of 60 hours of work in SHELTERS based programmes and activities is a must for acquiring the two credits.