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Distance Education
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Rev. Fr. Daniel Ambrose Director
Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj Principal
Mr. R. Veerappan Coordinator
The IGNOU centre is an extension study of our college functioning under the able and dynamic leadership of Rev. Fr. P. M. Thomas. The centre has been chosen for the commonwealth programme and it is rooted under a spacious building with a library and a well-equipped computer lab. School children from the neighbouring villages are given a special training in computer skills. Fifteen programmes are offered and they include, B.C.A., and M.C.A. The centre has added to is armoury in the recent past a mobile computer lab donated by the Rotary International to train rural students.
Alternative Mode Of Higher Education
The IGNOU study centre in the college was setup in 1992. With that an alternative mode of higher education on campus, was opened to the working class and economically strained village students. In all, IGNOU Tirupattur offers some thirteen subjects in the under-graduate programmes and five post-graduate courses. A total of 3000 students have been enrolled. IGNOU enables the college to reach the people and places with the benefits of higher education. We are prepared to go to any length but will never give up the village population. With the IGNOU on the campus we are well prepared to throw open the door of higher education to boys and girls who have no where else to go.
College Professors serve Vellore Central Prison
IGNOU enables us to reach the inaccessible Prison inmates with the University programmes. IGNOU Regional Centre has entrusted us with their higher educational needs. At present a few of the 40 Professors working on the Centres actively conduct IGNOU classes and exams in the Prison. It is a new life for the inmates!