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A Brief History of the SHCAA
Sacred Heart College Alumni Association, which is attached to the worldwide organization of Don Bosco Past Pupils Federation, was started in the Year 1980. Rev. Fr. P. A. Thomas was the one who ever thought about the idea in the history of the college which had its beginning in the year 1951.
The first General Body Meeting was held on 8th March 1981 and Fr. P. A. Thomas, the first Director of the Association, convened it. He resolved the actions to be carried out and elected the office-bearers. It was started with only 12 members including the director himself today. There are more than 4000 life members in the Association today.
The first name given to the Association was SHOBA, which meant, Sacred Heart Old Boys Association. During the first general body meeting, which held on 8th March 1981, the name was changed as "Past Pupils of Don Bosco Sacred Heart College Unit, Tirupattur, and N. A. DT.
Rev. Fr. Abraham Panampara the Principal, Presided over the first AGM and readily welcome the idea of the Association. Life Members were asked to pay Rs. 250/- in lumsum and byelaws of the Association were also framed thereon. Rev. Fr. P. A. Thomas continued as its Director for 13 consecutive years and shaped the unit systematically in all its dimensions. NewsLetter containing information about the college and unit activities were brought forth twice in each month regularly throughout his directorship.
Prof. R. Rajamanikam, Prof. S. Saminathan and Mr. Dhandapani were the presidents and Prof. S. Saminathan, Mr. S. Raji, Mr. Devarajan and Prof. Albert Irudayaraj were secretaries of the Association.
Mr. J. Kalayil served the unit as its able treasurer for more than 22 years.
In the beginning of each year, the annual General Body Meeting was conducted, and various activities were carried out. Some of the activities they wanted to implement and actually put into practice were,
1. To persuade local past pupils to become members of Association.
2. To appoint liaison members at different centres in & outside the state to mobilize the past pupils.
3. To request the members to donate blood-to-blood banks.
4. To request past pupils who are lawyers to render free legal service to the poor etc.
With the effort of Dr. Joe, a life member from Krishnagiri, a new chapter of the Association was inaugurated at Krishnagiri on 4th May 1986. Dr. Joe was the vice President cum treasurer and Mr. K. Mohan was the secretary.
In April 1987, the third chapter of the Alumni Association was started at Salem when Rev. Fr. P.P. George was the principal. During the IX General Body Meeting, the proposal to bring up an ideal past pupils home at madras, was unanimously accepted by the group members. Prof. S. Saminathan, who was the president at the time, attended a seven-day world past pupil's conference in Rome and shared his experiences.
An employment bureau was set up at the Federation level. Mr. Rajamanickam, the first president of the unit declared open the new office of Alumni Association at the Sacred Heart College on 2nd September 1990.
The first Animation programme for all the units of Madras Province was held at Christu Kula Ashram in Tirupattur, on 14th Nov 1990.
In the XII General Body Meeting, it was decided to give a farewell to Rev. Fr. P.A. Thomas on 12-03093. From that day onwards Rev. Fr. P.P. George, the principal, Become the director of the Association.
As part of the fund-rising, for the newly built Library, the past Pupils Association organized a Fund Collection drive.
Under the able guidance of Rev. Fr. P.P. George, the Association took-up the challenge of catering to 250 delegates attending the XIV Annual Conference of the Association, from all over the province.
In Jan. 1994 Rev. Fr. P. Soundararaj became the principal in 2000, and took over the directorship of the Association. Under his able leadership the Association was steadily marching towards its goal.
From the year 2003 onwards Rev. Fr. C. M. Varghese, became the principal of the college as well as the Director of the Association and enthusiastically started reviving the unit with full vigor.
Meritorious activities of the alumni association (1980-2005)
Sacred Heart College Alumni Association has been involved in a variety of meritorious activities for the past 25 years. It is continuously supporting the development of the college and the student community.
1. Financial Aids
The SHCAA has been doing a lot of financial aids to the poor boys of the college and surrounding schools. Every Year, Scholarship facilities were given to the poor as well as the meritorious students. Study materials were also provided to them.
2. Legal Aids
The association has provided legal supports to the downtrodden with the help of it own members.
3. Blood Donation Camps
The unit has organized many blood donation and blood testing camps through which students and outsides were motivated to donate blood to the blood banks.
4. Competitions
The Association conducted various competitions like elocution, drawing singing, sports, music, etc, both for college and school students. The members of the Association encouraged the rural students and gave coaching in their learning process.
5. Book Bank
The association had created a book bank which is available for both students and staff members of the education community.
6. Picnic & Tour
The SHCAA organized very often, picnics to the far and nearby places like Krishnagiri, Yercaud, Hokenakkal, Pondicherry , Ootty and Banglore. Through these exposures it brought its Programmes to the public. Biennial Tours were regularly arranged and places like Delhi. Srinagar, jaipur, Agra, Kolkatta, Gowahati, Nagland, Shilong , Bhutan and Dargeling were visited by the members.
7. Fancy Fetes
In order to raise monetary sources, fancy fetes were arranged in an elaborate way. The money earned through the fancy fete sales were distributed to the poor people and the student community.
8. Distribution of Clothes
Whenever it was needed, the Association collected or bought clothing materials and distributed to the needy people affected by floods or fire accidents.
9. Spiritual Retreats
The Association members had great concern towards spirituality. Eminent preachers were invited to give retreat to the members as well as to the neighboring student community. The place of retreat was often changed in order to feel fresh.
10. Seminars
Educational seminars were conducted for teachers, working in the surrounding non-salesian schools, on the occasions of centenary years and other important days.
11. Hospital Visits
The members often visited the nearby hospitals to meet people affected by leprosy, Aids, and other serious diseases. The Burgur School for the blind and mentally challenging children was regularly visited on every Republic Day. Sweets and snacks were distributed to them apart from love and affection of the Association members.
12. Award Winning
The members of the units were appreciated widely for their enthusiasm and involvement. They were awarded prizes, certificates and mementos during the National and state level conventions.
13. Felicitations
The Association with Ponnadai and mementos duely honored the retiring staff, teaching and non-teaching of the College Community, as well as the jubilarians.
14. Encouraging Sports and Association Activity
The SHCAA had been readily encouraging and sponsoring sports and Association activities like muthamizh vizha of the college as well as outside events.
15. Special Camps and Conferences
The members were taking active part in all the central federation camps, Conferences, animation Programmes and Alumni Day celebrations. The recent Kolkata Asian Conference of Past Pupils 'Federation was attended by four of our members.
16. Helping the Local Bodies
The association regularly joined hands with the Red Cross, Social Service Organizations. NSS and the Traffic Regulators, in helping the sick and the poor, cleaning the campus and the streets and regulating the mobs during marketing days.
17. The Latest Welfare Projects
With the renewed enthusiasm of the present Director, Rev. Fr. C. M. Varghese, the Association is launching three major projects for the welfare of the college students. They are free mid-day meals scheme for about 300 students (at present already 50 students are being benefited by it) Separate website facility for Alumni, and purified drinking water supply at the capacity of 1000 liters per hour at the cost of 2.3 lakhs. In addition to these, starting new chapters at various district head quarters at reachable distances in under serious consideration.
List of Eminent Alumni
1. Fr. Joaquim D'Souza, Regional superior for Salesians in Asia and Australia.
2. G. Rajesekaran, Secretary, PWD, Government of Kerala.
3. Dr. D. Viswanathan, Vice Chancellor, Anna University, Chennai.
4. Dr. T. Balakrishan, Vice chancellor, Periyar University, Salem.
5. Dr. R. Thirumalaichamy, Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Physical Education University.
6. N. Baskaran, Industrialist, Ram Leathers, Ranipet.
7. G. Raghupathy, Industrialist, GEA Energy System, Chennai.
8. Dr. Joe Annaji, Director, Lalitha Annaji Hospital, Krishnagiri.
9. Brig. (Rtd) M. Sudandiram, Krishnagiri.
10. P. Mani, Joint Director, School Education, Government of Tamil Nadu.
11. P. Thangavelu, Secretary to the Government, Chennai.
12. Annamalai, IPS, Post Master General, Madurai.
13. Justice T. Soma sundaram, Annanagar, Chennai.
14. Gunalan, DSP, Vellore.
15. P. Kuppusamy, IGCAR, Kalpakkam.