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Bosco Institute of Social Work
In pursuit of relevant higher education Sacred Heart College started its first ever "Masters Degree Programme" in 1979. Thus, the department of Social Work offering MSW Degree has come to be the pearl set in gold of Sacred Heart College.
The department distinguished itself in quality Social Work Education and proportionate Research Activities and Extension Work along with it, benefiting the Students, Local, Rural communities and Nation at large.
Bosco Institute of Social Work is the outcome of the growths and development of the department of Social Work. All our praise and thanks go to Rev. Fr. Joe Arimpoor, SDB the founder, Head of the Department of Social Work and the founder, Director of Bosco Institute of Social Work and to Rev. Dr. S. Thanislas, SDB, Ph.D., his successor and Head of the Department of Social Work and Director of BISW.
The BISW is pleased to report the following programmes of service carried out for the benefit of the weaker sections of the society.
Students Service Center
The Student Service Center was started for solving youth problems. It is mainly for counselling students for their personal problems, guiding them for career guidance, training programmes for personality development, sex education, skill development, animating them for development, etc.,
Tirupattur Rural Project
The main aim of this project was creating awareness and organising the village people for development. In the beginning 20 villages were selected and later it was extended to more than 50 villages. Later it was divided into clusters and development through organising rural people for development was achieved. Rural roads, water supply, economic development, available bank loans for development, education of children, women organization, medical camp, street lighting, etc., were carried out. The students and young project officers were involved actively.
Help Aged Rural Project
This project was started with the help and motivation from Help Aged India Funding Agency. A day care center was formed and elderly people from rural area were provided with shelter, food and income generation activities like paper cover making, kitchen garden, etc., were carried out. Later the elderly people were provided with bank loans and helped to get cows and sheep. This asset helped the elderly persons to become the bread winner again. This helped them to get their due recognition. About 60 people benefited by this project.
Bonded Labour Rehabilitation Programme
This Programme was initiated due to the findings of post graduate academic research. The villages with bonded labourers were identified, regular meetings were conducted for them and they were asked to stop this practice. Students went to the villages and used cultural programmes to create awareness. With the help of the press the bonded labour system in the remote villages was brought to the notice of the government authorities. With the co-ordination of the government the bonded labourers were identified and rehabilitated with bank loan, housing, schooling and by providing a co-operative milk society for their development. About 250 families benefited by this project. About 80 Bonded labourers were redeemed by the direct intervention of the project.
Youth Animation Project
This institution involved with animating youth, both educated and uneducated youth from the rural area. Regular training programmes were organised for them. Camps and Leadership programme were organised. Youths were asked to register their youth clubs for further development. For employment youths were helped to start their own income generating activities.
Research And Consultancy Services
The institute involved itself in research work especially to evaluate studies for other voluntary agencies. Many voluntary agencies were helped through consultancy services for project planning, fund raising and to implement the project. This institute helped more than 16 voluntary agencies for their activities.
Tribal Development Programme
Tribal Development Project was started at Jawadhi hills. More than 18 villages were adopted and service and development activities were undertaken. In five villages balwadies were started. For emergencies ambulance facilities were provided. The young girls were trained for tailoring and self-employment. Sangam model was used to develop the tribal community.
Child Labour Rehabilitation Programme
Instead of providing welfare for child labourers, rehabilitation and elimination work was carried out. Child Labourers were provided with food, recreation, savings, medicare, placement for skill learning, re-entry to schools, etc., were carried out. More than 1500 children benefited by this project.
Balwadi and Balwadi Monitoring Programme
This institute took the government project of monitoring balwadies were managed by the institute to show the Model Balwadi to other institutions. Regular training programmes, visits and updating records were carried out successfully.
Community Organization For Development
This project was started with out much financial input. This model was to create awareness and make the people to realize this need and take action for development. Many of the social problems were tackled by this project by organizing them in the right direction.
Mother And Child Health Programme
This project was started as pilot project for helping pregnant mothers. About 1400 mothers were selected and they were provided with food, medicine and all the need for healthy childbirth was provided. Many of the mal-nourished mothers were saved by this project.
TRYSEM Project
The government of India implemented TRYSEM project for rural youth. The institute acted as training agency for the Block Development Office. More than four trades were provided for the rural youth training. The students of TRYSEM were helped to get self-employment. 96 youth were helped.
Women Self-Help Group Animation
The institute involved itself in organising Natrampalli block women under various self help groups at village level. Regular meetings were conducted and more than 300 self help groups were formed and animated successfully.
Prevention Programme Of Flesh Trade By Potential Prostitutes
The local red light area was identified and young girls were asked to come for skill learning. They were educated against the evils of social problem. They were helped to settle their life with proper guidance and help. Many were helped to learn tailoring and they were placed in export garments companies and leather companies for employment.
Seminar And Training For Trade Union Leaders
The institute organised a series of programmes for the trade union leaders Many Bank officer's trade unions, tea estate managers; National Level Trade Union Leaders, etc., were trained in many areas for their efficient functioning. A month-long training in research methodology, analysis of data and methods of bargaining was provided. This programme trained one hundred people.
Holiday Camp Programme
The institute organised holiday programmes for the poor students from weaker sections. With the help of State Social Welfare Board the poor students were identified and holiday camps were organised for them. They were taken to different places. Their food, accommodation, recreation, training, play, picnics etc were organised for them. It was a great help and motivation for the poor students of whom many might not have had chance of going out. This programme helped one hundred and fifty children.
Bonded Labour And Child Labour Vigilance
The institute involved in vigilance activities regarding bonded labour and child labour system. The children in difficult situations were identified and they were helped by the agency. The bonded labour system was also identified and the person was asked to come out from the system. The institute is incharge of informing the concerned authorities regarding bonded labourers and child labourers.
Special Tuition Programme For Elementary School Children
The children from the slum area are identified and they are asked to come to the institute for special tuitions. The college students are asked to take tuitions for two hours. The children are helped to do their homework and prepare well for their exams. They are provided with short time recreation programme and during holidays they are helped with special programmes to develop their talents and skills. Three hundred children were helped.
Awareness Programme For Women
The institute organized a series of awareness programmes for rural women in various government programmes and in family planning. These meetings were organized for a day regularly for different groups. The group members were oriented by social workers, doctors, bank officials and the block development officials. These programmes helped rural women to know about various programmes of the government and they helped them to improve the standard of living. One hundred and fifty women were helped.
Mass Awareness Programme
The institute organised mass awareness programmes through rallies. In order to create awareness on child labourers, human rights, and world peace rallies were organised mobilizing schools and rural women youth in and around Tirupattur.
Adolescents Leadership Programme
This programme was initiated only for rural young girls. They were identified and the main purpose was to develop leadership among the village women. Girls from fifteen years to twenty one years of age were selected and rural orientation and training programmes were conducted. They were provided with awareness in many aspects of leadership, small savings, sex education, organizations, etc. for their development. Four thousand and five hundred girls benefited by this programme.
Family Counselling Centre
With the help of central social welfare board a family counselling center was formed. The women in need were helped. Family disharmony, wife battering, begamy, alcoholism, poverty and all other types of problems related with women are handled in the family counselling center. About 200 cases are handled every year.
Documentation Centre
Data related to youth and other social problems are available for reference. Many of the news paper cutting, were documented for future reference. The people who came for psychological help were asked to involve in documentation so that they could forget their sufferings.
T.A. Study Circle
The teachers and other elite of the town were organized and as per their lectures, training programmes and social meetings were organized. This helped the people to gain knowledge and skill and at the same time they were also motivated to involve in development activities of the poor.
Spiritual Development Programme
Without any reference to religion all were invited for spiritual exercises for their development. Prayer meeting, lectures and celebration of festivals were carried out for this purpose.
Blood Donation Camps
Every year the students of the department of social work organize blood donation camps in collaboration with CMC Hospital, Vellore. The voluntary donors were motivated to donate blood. Every year 100 to 150 units of blood per camp is mobilized. Students are requested by the institute to donate blood when poor patients require blood.
Handicapped Welfare Project
The institute conducted identification camps for the handicapped in collaboration with Worth Trust and District Rehabilitation Office. During the camps about 400 people got certificates. As a part of rehabilitation tri-cycles were to the handicapped students.