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Christian Foundation For Women And Aging
Rev. Fr. Maria Antony Raj SDB Director
Mr.Thuyanenjan Co-ordinator
CFCA-Christian Foundation For Children and Aging was established in the year 2000. This is basically a work scholarship scheme made available to the college students, who are from poor economic background. Around 700 under-graduate and post-graduate students have been benefited by the project for five years. Due to usefulness of this project over 250 students applied for this programme during this current academic year 2005-2006. The selection committee selected 100 hostelers and 175 day scholars for the scholarship. CFCA gets help from good willed people of America to help the economically backward students of India.
At present through this venture 175 students are benefiting. These beneficiaries have to work certain amount of hours according to the scholarship they receive every month. So, the hostelers are expected to work for twenty hours while the day scholars 18 hours per month. Every hosteler and day scholar is paid Rs.500 and Rs.450 per month respectively. Most of the scholarship beneficiaries render their service at government schools, while a few help out in the college campus itself.
Hence, we approached the Assistant Educational Elementary Officers of Tirupattur, Jolarpet and Kandili unions to grant permission for our students to render services in the Elementary and Middle schools. With their kind permission and co-operation 120 students are going to 90 Elementary and Middle schools in these three educational unions. The evening college students are helping out in the morning hours while the day college students are helping out in the afternoon to teach the rural school students. Most of these government schools are under-staffed. This project has gained a warm welcome among A.E.O's, Head Masters and Teachers.