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D. B. Centre for Education
Extension Service
“It is by looking into the future that the present draws its life. The future has already begun".
Centuries back Don Bosco made this simple statement that paved the path of hope and life for many children around the world, through centers like the D.B. Centre of Tirupattur.
D. B. Centre for education and training is an extension service of the Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur. The focus of the ‘centre' is to prevent school dropouts and rehabilitate them while equipping them with equal opportunities. The dynamic work done in the D. B. Centre extends in to six Programmes currently. They are:
The Pre-School Programme.
Computer literacy for the poor rural school students.
Free-tuition in the evenings for the school children from the neighboring areas.
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).
A Communicative English Program called ‘intouch'.
A Sponsored course of Abacus for the rural children.
1. Pre-School Education
Learning made joyous and meaningful is the concept of this pre-school education. Hundred and ten children, hand picked from broken dys-functional and poor families are trained in this play-way method.
The intention of this programme is to empower these poor children with self-confidence and knowledge, so that they get admissions in leading prestigious schools. The admission to the pre-schools is screened in order to facilitate learning only to the under privileged society. Teacher of the school and selected volunteers are deputed to investigate the authenticity of details, furnished by the families of the children before admission.
2. Computer literacy for Rural School children
Computer education has become not only the trend, but also a necessity in today's world. The D. B. Centre conducts computer classes to village-schools goes by which a sense of equality with the privileged children of society is ignited within them. Children from nearby schools attend classes in the computer lab of the D. B. Centre. A mobile computer lab gifted by the Rotary International, goes to distant rural schools in order to impart computer knowledge. Around 2000 children are the beneficiaries of this programme.
3. Free-Tuitions
Free tuitions for the government school children of Tirupattur and nearby village are conducted in the evening every day. The children are given opportunities to play games, learn musical instruments, avail free tuition and food every day. The intention behind this is to help the children brave through their studies and come out in flying colors. Some CFCA college students also assist in the programme. Around four hundred children are benefited by this project. Two sub-centers at Ashok Nagar and Annandapatti Village also form part of the Programme.
4. IGNOU Studies
IGNOU was primarily introduced in the D. B. Centre in order to cater to the students who don't get opportunity to study in regular colleges. An effort to boost enrollment of students in IGNOU was under taken with the help of the college. A double degree pattern for the UG students of the college was contemplated and made known to the students. Many students grabbed this opportunity and registered their names in IGNOU courses.
5. A Communicative English Programme Called intouch.
Sacred Heart College always took pride in bringing out best students in terms of intellect and caliber. But the study of the employment opportunities open to these students have proven that, they, fell short in communicative English. This need urged the D. B. Centre to have a rigorous Communicative English programme which was launched on 19.09.05 for 400 students.
6. Abacus – A Sponsored Programme
Underprivileged children from the rural area have been selected to under go a training in Abacus. This programme has been specially designed and sponsored by an organization called ‘Vreach' on 17.10.05.
The Future
The D. B. Centre plans to provide employment for the dropouts, by starting a ‘Big' and ‘File' Unit. This project will involve corporate and entrepreneurs in contributing by, placing orders for files and bags. The D. B. Centre intends to provide employment for atleast thirty young people.
There is great demand for all the above-mentioned Programmes.
The people of Tirupattur see D. B. Centre Programmes as a model social work. It is recognized and appreciated.

Concretizing of the People of Tirupattur of their responsibilities to the poor is the prime focus of the D. B. Centre.