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Internship Training Programme in CS - Institut Lemonnier, Cean, France
Report on Internship Training Programme in Computer Science11th July 2017 – 20th August 2017: Institut Lemonnier, Cean, France
Sacred Heart College is catering to the educational needs of the country for more than six decades. The college has also found a place in the global map by extending its services to the international students. To add another feather in its cap, the college has hosted a month long internship programme for the students of Institut Lemonnier, Caen , France during 13th July 2017 to 12th August 2017. 
The programme was a notable outcome of the European Visit by Rev.Dr.D.Maria Antony Raj, SDB, Principal. After signing up in the International University Federation (IFU), the seeds of the intership programme were sown in Rome through the initiations by Fr.Principal and Fr. John Paul SDB, France. 
After his European visit, Fr.Principal Triggered the process through Dr.L.Ravi, Director of MCA Programme. The programme conceived a Shape after a series of meetings and finally Dr.L.Ravi and his associates came out with the outline of the training programme during February 2017, and the same was communicated to Institut Lemonnier.  The management of Institut Lemonnier identified a group of Ten students for the intership in india and communicated the list to the College. 
The Students from Institut Lemonnier Landed in India on 11th July, 2017 and were received gleefully by Rev.Fr.John Borg, Administrator and reached our premises on the same evening.  The Training programme started with an Inaugural Function hosted in the Department of MCA presided over by Rev.Fr.Principal and Rev.Fr.Rector.  The same day the schedule of the programme was initiated.
The programme was compartmentalized into Four Modules which was carried over in Four Weeks. The Modules comprised of (i) C#, WPF and ASP.NET (ii) Linux, Computer Assembling and Networking (iii) PHP, Laravel Framework and (iv) Android app development.  Every Module started with a brief introduction and the Trainees were oriented to complete a Project Work in the respective domain. These projects were later packaged and deployed.  Each module was evaluated by the trainees.
The trainees visited various tourist places during weekends.  Fr.Rector, Principal and six Faculty members of Institut Lemonnier reached our premises on 13th August, 2017. The purpose of their visit was to evaluate the training programme and to discuss various possibilities of further collaborations. The team was highly appreciative of the efforts of the college and were highly positive towards further collaborations including student exchange programmes. 
The team of Faculty from Institut Lemonnier were honored during the Independence Day Celebrations on 15th August, 2017. The Valediction ceremony of the Internship Programme was held on 14th August, 2017. The team of Students and Faculty of Institut Lemonnier left the premises of our college on 16th August, and visited various Don Bosco Institutions in and around Chennai and departed to France on 20th August 2017.

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