Jyothi Nivas Hostel which was home to thousands of students during the last 60 years was completely converted into a research block to promote research in a big way. This hostel was renamed as Abdul Kalam Research Center (AKRC) and named after one of its eminent Indian Principals in the year 2012. This centre has separate cabins for each research guide and Ph.D. scholars in all the research departments are given facilities in this center including working space, computers with internet facility 24x7 on all days. In addition to this, this center houses central analytical Instrumentation Center and Instrument fabrication center. Central analytical Instrumentation Center has analytical instruments such as FTIR spectrophotometer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Impedaanalyser, Photoacoustic spectrophotometer and Birefringence analyser for the benefit of our students as well as the students from neighborinstitutes. Through the Instrument fabrication center, few apparatus are being designed and fabricated. Particularly, Photoacousspectrophotometer fabricated in this center was already sold to other research institutes such as SSN research center and Loyola ColleChennai and few are in the pipeline.

Research Centre :: Abdul Kalam Research Centre (AKRC)

No. of Labs :: 22