Event Details

The English Association (Shift-I) organized a Seminar for I-UG students on The Importance of English in India and Self-Driven Learning of English. The seminar was intended to bring about an awareness among the I-UG students on the importance of English in India for both academics and career; hence, the need to be a life-long learner with self-driven strategies in acquiring English language proficiency. Prof. Anto Maria Eusobia, Assistant Professor of English (Shift-II), Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, was the Resource Person for the seminar. All the first UG students, 700 of them, from all the departments attended the seminar enthusiastically.  The seminar was held at the Kamarajar Arangam on March 4, 2022 from    2 pm to 4.30 pm.

The session began with an ice-breaking activity called “Anto Says.” In today’s globalized world, English language dominates in all fields; English is the first choice of language to communicate when strangers meet and in all MNCs. As such, English is the Lingua Franca of the world. She further suggested certain time-tested strategies to enhance English language proficiency like Phonetic practice, use of Dictionary, learning minimal pairs, and read books. She advocated the ‘3H’ approach. She emphasized on strengthening of one’s vocabulary using collocations, conjugations, lyric words, tongue twisters, YouTube channels, Apps, etc. The resource person asked the students not to literally translate from Tamil to English, as the grammar patterns differ between the languages. She advised the students to listen to English language as much as possible. Many activities were employed to keep the students engaged and to learn English language through activity-based strategies. Along with real fun they also realized the importance of English and learnt several strategies to become self-directed, life-long learners of English.

Ms. Medona from I year Computer Science compered programme; Mr. Danish of I year Economics welcomed the gathering and Ms. Kanisha of I year Computer Science proposed the vote of thanks. Prof. Joy Christina introduced the resource person and Dr. Fr. Maria Arokiaraj presented the dynamics of the day.

The fruitful session came to a close with the College Anthem.