Students are expected to register for revaluation through online mode only.

To obtain the photocopy students are asked to download the application form and pay the prescribed fee in the bank (off-line mode only).

The details of fees and due dates for for Revaluation

S.No Description Due Date Fees
1 Photocopy 03-03-2022 Rs. 250/- per paper
2 Revaluation 05-03-2022 Rs. 500/- per paper

To apply Revaluation online, click here

A Special Supplementary Examination for the outgoing students of 2018 - 2021 for U.G & MCA and 2019 - 2021 for P.G. will be conducted on 21-06-2021 Monday, F.N.

Last date for online registration is 17-06-2021.