Event Details

The Department of English (Shift I) organized an invited talk titled "Innovative Methods and Techniques to Learn the English Language" on 29th November, 2023 in the Carreno Hall. The distinguished resource person for the event was Dr. S. Alphonsa Mary, from Government Arts College, Krishnagiri. Her expertise in the field added immense value to the session.

During the talk, Dr. S. Alphonsa Mary emphasized the importance of attentive learning. Professor N. Arul Doss, the Head of the Department, in his felicitation address, encouraged students to actively engage in these opportunities and commended Dr. S. Alphonsa Mary for graciously accepting the invitation.

The resource person commenced the talk by delving into the history of English language teaching, providing a comprehensive overview. She proceeded to discuss diverse methods for effective language acquisition, demonstrating practical approaches to language learning. Notably, she showcased the integration of technology as a powerful tool for enhancing language skills.

One highlight of the session was she emphasized on reading comprehension skills and the incorporation of open-ended stories in language learning. These insights provided a holistic perspective on language acquisition, catering to various learning styles.

The invited talk concluded with the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to Dr. S. Alphonsa Mary for sharing her expertise and enriching the audience's understanding of innovative methods in learning English. The event proved to be a valuable contribution to the ongoing initiatives for student development within the department.