Event Details

Community Day and Christmas celebrations at Sacred Heart college commenced with a special Holy Eucharist at 8:30 a.m. in the college chapel. The hallowed ceremony, led by Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter, the Rector and Secretary, set a tone of profound reflection, inviting students, faculty, and staff to partake in a sacred communion, marking the beginning of a day filled with reverence and joy. This exalted commencement, characterized by the eloquence of liturgy and the resonance of sacred hymns, adorned with festive decorations, became a symbolic haven where the college community united in gratitude and prayer. The celebration continued with a spiritually uplifting prayer service conducted by Rev. Dr. Gandhi Kallarasan, the esteemed Campus Minister. Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj, the Principal, graced the occasion with a warm welcome and felicitations that set the tone for a truly memorable gathering.

Dr. K. Parthibaraja, Head of Tamil Department, added a unique touch to the celebration with a felicitation video presentation, followed by a mesmerizing Girls Xmas Dance coordinated by Dr. Joy Christina, Department of English. The audience were treated to a melodious Carol song presented by Mr. Baskaran and a team of non-teaching staff. The MBA department performed an insightful Xmas Mime.  The festive spirit continued with the appearance of Santa Claus. The celebration reached a crescendo with a captivating Carol Song by the teaching staff, led by Dr. K. Arockiaraj, Assistant Professor of MSW and his team. The Salesian Community brought energy to the event with a lively Carol Action song.

The Christmas Message was delivered by Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter, the Rector, and Secretary of the college. In a heartfelt address, he extended his sincere gratitude to the entire college community during the Christmas Day celebration. Expressing his thanks, he reflected on his various stages within the college and shared his personal experiences. He dedicated the warmth of the season to everyone who stood behind him, emphasizing the collective effort that has shaped the college's journey. Acknowledging the Principal's words, the Rector underscored the profound truth that the Sacred Heart community surpasses the provincial community. He paid homage to several key figures who have played instrumental roles in the college's growth.

The festive mood was further enhanced by instrumental music coordinated by Augustan, Assistant Professor of English, and his team. Adding a touch of dance, boys from the Department of Mathematics showcased their talents by a dance performance, spreading joy through their lively performance. The celebrations concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Dr. Antony Arockiasamy, Department of Mathematics, expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors for making the Christmas Day Celebration a memorable event at Sacred Heart College.