Event Details

On 29.02.2020 at 10.30 a.m. in the Kamarajar Arangam, Sacred Heart College, organized the Valedictory of Academic Associations, Groups and Movements and Outreach Programme. The programme commenced with a prayer song led by Naveen and his team. Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antony Raj, the Principal welcomed the chief guest, the faculty and students. He introduced the guest and urged the students to have a purpose, stick to their goals like the stamp on an envelope, and travel with a purpose like the stamp. Dr. I. Niyaz Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, released a book titled, Allied Microbiology, authored by the staff and students of Biochemistry.

           Dr. C.R. Christi Anand, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, presented the Outreach Newsletter. The activities of various Associations, Groups and Movements, for the academic year 2019-2020, was presented through Power Point Presentation. It was followed by students laying down the insignia, as a sign of laying down their office.

         Dr. S Logarajan, the Chief Guest, Member-Syndicate, Thiruvalluvar University, Associate Professor, Department of English, Government Arts College, Chidambaram, presided over the function. In his address, he touched upon the nature of diversity and the need to be multi-disciplinary. He cited an anecdote to the students on the need to change the inner side of their life, like that of a pencil.

       Mr. S. Antony Philomenraj, Assistant Professor, Department of MCA, made a video presentation of the activities of the Associations, Groups and Movements and Outreach. Prizes were distributed to the students and staff who were office bearers of their respective associations and movements. The audience were entertained with music and dance. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Dr. K. Amala, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology.