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NSS Programme Officers and NSS Volunteers of Sacred Heart College,Tirupattur, volunteered themselves  to be COVID-19  WARRIORS   in association with Tirupattur District Police in various duties related to   prevention and containment of  COVID – 19 and enforcement of lockdown   in Tirupattur District for 48 days (02.05.2020 to 18.06.2020).

          The NSS Volunteers worked along with Tirupattur District Police in ensuring social distancing norms in public places like markets, bazaars, shops, banks, check posts, ration shops, etc.   They also helped the police personnel in strictly enforcing the rule of wearing masks in public places during the lockdown period. The NSS volunteers also assisted in Taluk Police Station.  

          In a special function organized at GDP Hall in Tirupattur Collector Office , on 17th July 2020,  Mr. M.P. Sivan Arul I.A.S,  the esteemed Collector of Tirupattur District and Dr. P. Vijayakumar I.P.S,  SP, Tirupattur District, appreciated the gallant effort by the NSS volunteers in serving the society during difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic. They distributed certificates and awards to the NSS volunteers and Programme Officers.  Working as COVID-19 WARRIORS, helped   the NSS volunteers to understand the public and police personnel. They also developed a taste for leadership qualities during the crisis of this pandemic.