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“The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.” – William Lawrence Bragg.

National Science Day was celebrated on 28.02.2022 (Monday) on behalf of the PG & Research Department of Biochemistry at Sacred Heart College. The objectives of this programme were to provide a platform for the students to prove their talents, to bring out their creativity, to face challenges and to overcome their weaknesses. The department staff members had emphasized on the role in widely spreading the significance of scientific application in our daily life. Our staff shared their knowledge with the students. Students participated with enthusiasm in the oral presentation, poster presentation, herbal product, and science fair. The science day was successful and we believed that our objectives were achieved.

The Science fest was inaugurated and judged by Dr. R. Jude Vimal Michael, Assistant Dean-Research and Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Sacred Heart College. Every nook and corner of the Carreno Hall got transformed into an arena for ideation, research, and application of the different facets of science. The programme is nurtured by the experience of teachers, the guidance of mentors, and the enthusiasm of students. Valuable feedback of the judges helped the students to understand the concepts of the science fest.

We thanked our Rector and Secretary Rev. Dr. John Alexander, Principal Rev. Dr. Maria Antony Raj, Our vice principal Rev. Dr. Praveen Peter, our Heads of the Department Dr. A.C. Gomathi, Dr. A. Jayaprakash, Mr. G. Sivaelango, UG Association President Dr. I. Niyas Ahamed PG Association President and Dr. K. Prabu, Research Forum President, our department faculty members, and our students for providing a platform for research and expression of creativity.