Event Details

On 15th August, 2022, Sacred Heart College celebrated the Nation’s 75th Independence Day with pomp and grandeur. The occasion was graced by Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antonyraj, SDB, the Principal of Sacred Heart College, Rev. Dr. K A. Maria Arockiaraj, SDB, Additional Principal, Rev. Dr. G. Theophil Anand, SDB, Vice-Principal, Shift – I, (Administration) the Vice-Principals of both Shifts (Academics),  the  Deans, the Heads of the Departments, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, and students.

Rev. Dr. D. Maria Antonyraj, the Principal, welcomed the gathering and wished everyone a joyous 75th Independence Day. He recalled upon the sacrifices of our freedom fighters, and appealed to all to become responsible citizens of our nation.

 Lieutenant, Dr. K. Sivakumar, led the contingent drill of the cadets. The cadets according the guard of honour, paid tribute to the Indian Tricolour Flag as it was hoisted in the college grounds at 9.00 a.m. Later 75 pigeons were set free, a mark of peace by the girls from the Department of Social Work.

The Chief Guest, Dr. Pon Selvakumar, Head, Department of Tamil, apprised the gathering on the struggles that our freedom fighters went through to gain the freedom we cherish today. In his message, he touched upon how Ahimsa, being the key principle of our nation has become a model for other nations. Ahimsa, has kept the nation in peace. But, we have not freed ourselves from the discrimination of caste. Though the shackles of caste were broken by an icon like Dr. Ambedkar; the country is still not rid of the chains of discrimination. Violence, poverty, revolution has increased. The land is free from the clutches of colonization but people are not free. We are divided by caste and wealth. Education has not reached the marginalized. It is the duty and responsibility of those in power and the educated to ensure that the marginalized are uplifted.

The prize winners of Essay Writing, Drawing, Reel Making and Debate were honoured by the Chief Guest and the Principal to commemorate the 75th Independence Day. The celebrations concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Merlyn Florence, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Applications.