Event Details

An invited talk was organized by the Department of Mathematics – Shift II for the first and second year UG students on “Healthy Boy-Girl Relationship”. The Resource person was Rev. Dr. I. Joe Sanjay, Head, Department of Counselling Psychology. He spoke on the attraction towards opposite genders. He made a clear vision about love and likes and also stressed on the differences between those two. He also distinguished the three stages of love. They are romantic stage, hatred stage and growth stage. He accentuated on the focus of the students in the romantic stage observe only the positives of a person, forgetting about their negative sides and not seeing the reality of life. Pre-frontal love involves in the hatred stage, where they see the reality and one’s true colour comes out. There might be a difference of opinion among the people and finally it leads to clash between them. Students got a clear revelation about the relationship and the difference between love and likes.