Event Details

The Department of Chemistry (Shift I) organized an Invited Lecture on Industrial Safety on 27th September, 2022. The resource person for the event was Mr. C. Anbazhagan, (Rtd) Industrial Safety Officer, Orchid Pharma, Chennai. In his lecture he elaborated the importance of safety in handling chemicals in the pharma industry,  EHS(Environmental Health Safety), API active ingredient in a pharmaceutical drug, the equipment's used for commercial synthesis of pharmaceutical drugs, the role of chemists in the pharmaceutical industry, quality control, quality assurance of drugs, good manufacturing practices, good laboratory practices in the pharma industry, the use of petroleum based solvents(fire accidents), research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr.S.R. Xavier Rajarathinam, Head, Department of Chemistry (Shift I), Dr. Arokia Napoleon Raj, Head (UG), Department of Chemistry (Shift II), Dr. Collins Arun Prakash, Head (PG), Department of Chemistry (Shift II), the faculty members and students of the department graced the occasion.