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On 26th October, 2022 Scholarship Day Programme began with a hymn to Holy Spirit by the Scholarship Choir. Rev.Fr. Theophil Anand SDB briefed about the two Scholarships and their purpose and process: Mother Teresa Scholarship for SC/ST and Dalit Christian and Fr. PM Thomas Scholarship for Orphans. He also announced the total number of selected students for the above mentioned scholarships in this academic year 2022-2023. For Mother Teresa Scholarship: Among 27 applicants 12 students were selected and Fr. PM Thomas Scholarships: Only 2 applied and he got selected. Totally 27 students (2021 batch - 13 and 2022 batch - 14) were selected for both scholarships and Fr. Rector congratulated and encouraged the students to study well. He then asked the students to help others when they get into job. Scholarships award certificates were distributed to the respective individuals by Rev. Dr. John Alexander, Rector and Secretary, Rev. Dr. Maria Antony Raj SDB, Principal, Rev. Dr. Maria Arokiyaraj, Additional Principal, Rev. Dr. Theophil Anand, Rev. Dr. Shanmugam, Rev. Dr. Ganthi Kallarasan and Rev. Dr. Sathinathan, the administrator. Rev. Dr. Sathinathan spoke on the importance of the scholarship award certificate to the parents in Tamil. Three students came forward and expressed their gratitude towards Salesians and donors of the scholarships.