Event Details

The “Valedictory of Associations, Groups & Movements, CQC, Outreach and SHC-IVDP Educational Scholarship” was organized on 14th March, 2023. The Additional Principal, Rev. Dr. D. Maria Arokiaraj, welcomed the chief guest, the faculty and students. He introduced the Chief Guest, Raman Magasaysay Mr. Kulandai Francis and Rev. Fr. Casmir Raj SDB. Father in his address encouraged the Students to be service minded and generously helping others.

Rev. Fr. S. Henry Daniel Ambrose, Director, Extension Education & Services, presented the Outreach Newsletter report. The activities of various Associations, Groups and Movements, for the academic year 2022-23, were presented. It was followed by students laying down the insignia, as a sign of their gratitude. Rev. Dr. Gandhi Kallarasan, the campus minister led the prayer service and prizes were distributed to the students and staff who were office bearers of their respective associations and movements

       Rev. Fr. Casmir Raj SDB addressed the students to continue to be generous after appreciating the Students for contributing money towards IVDP. Raman Magasaysay Mr. Kulandai Francis Addressed the Students. He encouraged the Students to study well and be generous to others. He pointed out that what you give to others it will come back in double. He also encouraged the students to contribute more money towards so that he can also contribute more. It was followed by the distribution of IVDP scholarship to the beneficiaries. About 120 Students benefited from the IVDP Scholarship. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. C. Dharmadevi, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Application. The event was coordinated by Rev. Dr . D. Samson Shanmugam SDB Vice Principal, (Admin. Shift – II).