Event Details

Rovers and Rangers, Sacred Heart College organized a two days special camp at Don Bosco Camp Site, Yelagiri Hills, Tirupattur District. The trainers were: Mr. J.Dhilipkumar HWB/R, Mr. P.Anburasan HWB/R, CEN.Dist/ICF Dist, Southern Railways State, The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Chennai and Ms. T.Anusuya Devi HWB/Ra, Assistant-Trainer, Southern Railways State, the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Chennai.

On the first day the trainers gave a brief introduction to the history of how this movement was started and the different levels that exist in our country. The participants were separated into 8 patrols (2 Rangers team and 6 Rovers team). They were trained on flag hoisting, theme song and salutation. The 14 ideals that one expects from a Ranger/Rover to be part of Bharat Scouts and Guides movement in India were introduced. The different awards that the participant can become eligible once he/she completes the training were instructed. Skill development program was conducted in the evening to develop different skills. The participants took part in camp fire. The concept of camp fire was introduced. On the second day the students went for trekking. Rovers patrol teams were given task to make tea with just two matchsticks with the condition that they should not blacken the vessel neither should they leave any mark on the tree.   The task to boil potatoes without using any water was given. Mr. John Sunder, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Economics coordinated the camp.